Rory D'Alessandro
Rory D'Alessandro, a life-long resident of Milford, has always had a great interest in journalism. His intrests were first sparked when he would accompany his father while delivering the Boston Globe every sunday morning.
Rory has always had a passion for science, mathematics, and writing. He has attended The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as well as Massachusetts Bay Community College, and focused in Physics and engineering. While studying at UMass Dartmouth he discovered  that he loved writing in a community setting. He loved asking the difficult questions and was prepared for any answers. His main focus was to get questions answered while keeping people informed to what was going on around them. In 2010, Rory transfered from UMass Dartmouth to MassBay Community College in order to have more freedom to explore his possiblites. At MassBay, Rory took a few teaching courses and was fully prepared to study to become an english teacher and come back to Milford public schools and give back to a school system that treated him very well. Though now it seems that is just one of many things he would like to do. Aside from journalism and science, Rory is an avid choral enthusiast. He has been singing since he was in third grade, and hasn't looked back since. He has sung in many venues including the Apollo Theater in New York City. He loves classical Music as well as acapella quartet style music. Rory is also a member of the Milford Town Library Board Of Trustees. He was elected in April 2010 as the youngest town official in the town's history, and plans on bringing fresh ideas to the library world. As well as being a trustee in Milford, Rory is a librarian at the Bancroft Memorial Library in Hopedale. His passion for libraries began at the tender age of eleven when he began volunteering at the Milford Library. He was involved in the creation of the Young Adult program that has now been running for about nine years. His plans to keep the library accessable to all members of the community will continue to develop with the more time he spends there. Rory hopes that in his tenure with Patch he will be able to show you that one doesn't have to dig very far to find interesting stories and ideas. He hopes he can enlighten people to venture outside of their normal states of thought.  "A still more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns, and the rising of the Milky Way." -Carl Sagan
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