Milford Youth Cheerleaders Compete

Two teams of Lady Hawks youth cheerleaders will advance to regional finals this month.

Editor's Note: the following information was provided by Milford Youth Cheerleading.

On Oct. 20, 2012 the Lady Hawks youth cheerleaders competed in a local competition in Lowell. Three teams competed to try to advance to the Regional Competition and two Mitey Mite teams went as exhibition. All teams did a wonderful job and really showed the arena what Milford cheerleaders are made of.

The first group that took the floor was the U10 group coached by Nicole Cheschi, assisted by Erika Girard, Chrissy Waldo, Kathy Williamson, Wendy Baglione and team mom Toni Zagame. Student coaches are Sabrina Carneiro, Amber Waldrup and Victoria Chiarelli. This team of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders performed wonderfully. Their routine consisted of handstand stunts, twist downs, a phenomenal pyramid, and incredible tumbling. They really brought it and it showed. They came in second place and have advanced themselves to the Regional competition in November! We are all so proud of them and wish them luck.

The next group to take the floor was the U12 team coached by Melissa Juliano, assisted by Ann Currie, Dawn Clark, Bobbi Jean Clemmer and Christine Partridge with student coaches, Kate Lasser, Karissa Fasano and Carla Cubias. This group of girls is made up of 6th and 7th graders, most whom have never cheered before. They had a routine filled with amazing stunts, and a spirited dance. They did a wonderful job and came in 4th out of six groups and while they are disheartened that they are not advancing, they are very proud of themselves for their wonderful performance.

The Mitey Mite Black team took the floor in exhibition next and can you say CUTE?! This team is coached by Marsha Montgomery, assisted by Dianne Bradley , their team mom Katie Roy and student demonstrators Sydney Bushard, Amanda Farina and Jackie Gray. These 5 to 8 year old girls took to the mats and did a wonderful job shaking their pom-poms and tumbling across the mats. Their prep level stunting was super and their smiles just wowed the crowd. They loved being out there and showing everyone what they have worked so hard to learn.

The Mitey Mite Red team, coached by Deb Shields and Christine Ferreira, assisted by Michele Daudelin with team mom Jamie Gove and student coaches Rachel Dolan and Tiajiah Mojica was on close to the end of the night. After being on a bus for over an hour and sitting in the arena waiting to perform, these K - 2nd grade girls were so excited to cheer their little hearts out on those mats. Their thigh stands and prep level stunts were fabulous! They executed a wonderful pyramid and had the crowd cheering away with them. What a great routine! Milford cheer has a great future with all of these little cheerleaders!

The last group to take the floor was the U15 team coached by Charlene Capone, assisted by Ann Currie, Susanne Beatty, and Patty Travis-Sawyer, with student coach Brittany Ramutta. These girls took the floor like true champions and pulled off a routine filled with phenomenal stunts, like a 'one man' where one girl lifts another over her head by herself with a back spot. It was truly amazing! These girls had a great routine and made tumbling look easy as they flew around the mat and danced their way into 2nd place! They will also be advancing to Regionals! We couldn't be prouder of all of these girls.

The Regional Competition will be held on Nov. 24 at the D&D center in Rhode Island. Please take time to wish our Youth Cheerleaders good luck if you see them around Milford.

Julie November 06, 2012 at 05:39 AM
What a wonderful write up! Thank you. Those girls worked so hard and were amazing - Good luck U10 & U15 at regionals - U12 I'm so very proud of you. You did a GREAT job! and you'll be even more amazing next season :)
Theresa Torosian November 07, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Good Luck to all the Lady Hawks !!!! Your ALL fabulous !!! See you at Regionals !!!


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