Meet Tony Mobilia

Mobilia is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to sports, but is focusing on playing baseball in Cooperstown right now.

Name, Age: Tony Mobilia, 12

Class Year: 2017 (seventh grade)

Sport, Position: Baseball, First baseman/Center fielder/Catcher

Why is Tony Mobilia the Patch Player of the Week?

Tony Mobilia is one of the many players on the 12-year-old Milford AAU team that will be heading to Cooperstown, NY, on Friday for at least six games against different teams from around the country. Though this will be Mobilia’s first time actually playing at Cooperstown, he has been there before, tagging along when his brother played for the AAU team when he was 12. “It’s mostly about having fun,” Mobilia said. “I really could care less if we win or lose. If we win, great. If we lose, who cares, because we can go have fun after the games.”

Mobilia and the team have been practicing and preparing for Cooperstown for about two weeks now, by playing in a few scrimmage games — there isn’t really a regular season, just Cooperstown. Though on a calendar the team has been practicing for a mere 14 days, they have been playing together for much longer. “We’ve been together for five years,” Mobilia said, when asked how long he’s been playing ball with the same kids.

Mobilia and other team members began playing baseball when they were 8-years-old and when they all were nine, the team won States as part of an All-Star team. Fast forward to the last few months and these now 12-year-olds just finished up All-Stars, in which they made it to the Regionals before getting knocked out. Now, it’s on to Cooperstown.

Though Mobilia has been very active on the diamond over the last five years, baseball isn’t the only sport he enjoys playing. He also spends his time playing football, hockey, basketball, lacrosse and occasionally he’ll golf. During the football season he’ll play linebacker and running back and during the hockey season he’ll play left wing. Though Mobilia is constantly shuffling through his sports seasons, he admits that football is his favorite because “he gets to hit people.”

The soft-spoken lefty is entering the seventh grade this year and eventually hopes to play football and baseball in high school. His favorite subject in school, as of now, is science and he hopes to study biology someday.

What college or professional athlete inspires you and why?

Maurice Jones-Drew because he’s small and he’s quick. He also proves that even if you’re small and quick you can still play with professional people that are taller and bigger than you.

What is your most memorable experience as an athlete so far?

When we were nine (as part of the Milford 9-year-olds’ All-Star team) we won the States. That was a bunch of fun. We had apple cider champagne afterwards and just ran around the field celebrating.

What are your plans for the future athletically and academically?

Athletically, I want to play football and baseball in high school if I ever get the chance.

My favorite subject is science. I want to dissect animals because I think that it would be cool to look inside different species and see what they are.


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