Meet Peter Fallon

Peter Fallon recently received a scholarship to Athletic Based Training in Milford for the summer.

Name, Age: Peter Fallon, 13

Class Year: 2016 (eighth grade)

Sport, Position: Football, Offensive/Defensive lineman

Why is Peter Fallon the Patch Player of the Week?

Peter Fallon is an active 13-year-old athlete who just recently received a scholarship to (ABT) in Milford. ABT’s main goal is to optimize an athlete’s performance by working alongside trainers, while performing agility, weight and skill training. Out of more than 50 student-athletes who applied, Fallon and one other athlete were awarded with the opportunity to spend time at ABT for the summer.

“I had gone a little bit before that [getting the scholarship] and so I applied for the scholarship,” Fallon said. “There are a lot of trainers that you work with, different trainers on different days doing stuff like running, agility training and weight lifting, so it’s good.”

Fallon’s scholarship will certainly come in handy as he prepares himself for the upcoming football season on Milford’s eighth grade team in the American Youth Football League. Fallon plays right tackle on offense and can pretty much play any of the line positions on defense — though he prefers to play offense if he had the choice because he’s better at it. Football is Fallon’s favorite sport, and he spends most of his time working hard at his craft. This past summer Fallon took part in the American Youth Football camp at , where he worked side-by-side with current and former players and coaches. “It was a really good experience,” Fallon said. “They were a lot of help and they were explaining things that would go on when we got to high school. It was really cool.”

Fallon also plays basketball and lacrosse, but he admits that nothing comes before football. “Football is my favorite sport and the Patriots are my favorite team,” he said. Fallon was also a big Tedy Bruschi fan before he retired because “he worked hard.”

Speaking of working hard, Fallon and his teammates are spending five nights a week practicing and getting ready for their football season. “We’re looking pretty good so far and everyone’s been working pretty hard,” he said. Fallon and the team look forward to playing games, getting back to the Super Bowl — which they won two years ago — and making some noise in the Regionals.

What college or professional athlete inspires you and why?

John Hannah (Patriots guard from 1973-1985) because he used to go down two weeks before training camp and practice his basic football skills, so I’ve always treated him as an idol. He’d always be down there before anyone else, working hard and working always on the basics because you can’t be a good athlete without knowing the basics.

What is your most memorable experience as an athlete so far?

My most memorable experience would have to be when my football team won the Super Bowl two years ago for the Central Mass Division (11-years-old States). We ended up going up to the Regionals, but lost in our first game. But it was still fun.

What are your plans for the future athletically and academically?

I really want to get all 90 averages in my eighth grade year before high school, that’s something that would be really important. Also, I want to go to Boston College, that’s my dream, to go to Boston College and play football for Boston College. When I grew up everyone was either talking about Boston College a lot or watching Boston College games — and my uncle, who is the superintendent of schools in Natick, went there — so it’s always been where I wanted to go.


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