Boston Marathon: Local Runner Results

Twenty runners from Milford were expected to participate in the 116th Boston Marathon Monday.

One of the is a memory now for many local runners.

The race broke records for heat: a recorded 87 degrees at the finish in Boston. And many runners succombed to the heat. At least 50 people participating in the race were taken to hospitals, according to the Boston Globe.

As the marathon began, in Hopkinton, runners were encouraged to walk if they needed to, and to stay hydrated.

Here are the completion times and last known results for some of Milford's athletes participating in the marathon, based on information provided by the Boston Athletic Association:

, Finish, 3:58:54

Allan Brookes, Finish, 5:13:59

Finish, 5:00:49

30 Km, 3:37:15

30 Km, 3:49:20

Kathleen Grevers, Finish, 5:37:45

Elizabeth Lynch, Finish, 4:25:07

Caitlin Egan, Finish, 4:05:37

Amy Hill, Finish, 4:47:40

Georgeann Campagnone, Finish, 7:11:44

, Finish, 6:59:20

Finish, 4:31:37

Tara Bennett, Finish, 4:25:06

Derek Clifford, Finish, 4:55:25

Garrett Coffin, Finish, 3:44:36

Sandra Lehane, Finish, 5:39:04

Richard Mitchell, Finish, 5:16:57

Robert Sellers, Finish, 5:25:38

Steven Taylor, Half-marathon, 2:07:12

Anthony Tieuli, Finish, 4:54:26


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