Bring a Sweatshirt and 34 Other Tips for Freshmen, from Seniors

The Class of 2013 at Milford High School provided the following tips in a "Freshman Survival Guide."

1. Go all out in gym sports.

2. Run to lunch on Nacho Day.

3. Do not violate the dress code. No one wants to see that.

4. Avoid going to mediation. How? Don't fight in school. It's childish and you don't look cool.

5. Get a Facebook.

6. If you still don't understand Shakespeare after reading it, try Spark Notes, it may help.

7. Join a club!

8. Awkward hallway moments happen regularly at MHS. Embrace them.

9. Sit down at the Pep Rally, and brace yourself. You never know what will happen.


11. Go to the Harvest Dance!

12. Making new friends is strongly advised, but make sure you stick with the old ones too.

13. Get it right: at football games you sit at the top of the fan section, at the basketball games you sit at the bottom.

14. High School is a lot of fun but getting good grades should be the top priority.

15. Join a sports team (the pasta dinners are great.)

16. Attend the school plays, you'll feel like you're at a Broadway show.

17. Lear to love DQ, Coffee Bean and Panera.

18. The school isn't that big, but if you get lost don't be afraid to ask someone for directions.

19. Chances are you will have a very busy schedule during the upcoming years, so try not to stress out too much.

20. Don't be late for school! It's no fun to start the day off at in-house.

21. MHS ice cream and cookies are some of the best around.

22. Go to a Best Buddies dance. They are just as fun as prom.

23. Don't be so clique-y. Get to know people. You may be surprised.

24. Don't dread gym swim. It can be a lot of fun and girls, no one cares what your hair looks like.

25. MHS is always cold, so bring a sweatshirt.

26. Make sure you elect class officers who will be dedicated and hardworking, otherwise you will attend prom in the MHS cafeteria. Fun, right?

27. DO NOT PUT GUM IN THE RECYCLING BINS. Please and thank you. Love, National Honor Society.

28. DO NOT SMOKE IN THE BATHROOMS. MHS and all school property are NO-SMOKING ZONES. We do not want our lungs polluted! You will be fined $100 and will face serious disciplinary consequences. Besides, bad breath, yellow fingernails and smelling like a chimney are NOT COOL.

29. Note: during lunch, the table in the back left belongs to seniors. One day, when you are a senior, you'll get to sit there too.

30. Show your school spirit by attending school events and participating in class fundraisers.

31. FYI: if undergarments are easily visible change BEFORE you come to school. Nobody is a happy camper when parents are called to bring you something new to wear.

32. Your homeroom can become like family if you take the time to get to know each other.

33. Don't cut the lunch line: it will not go over well.

34. Listen to the announcements, they are important and interesting.

35. You only go through high school once, so make the best of it and HAVE FUN!

Stephanie Cardoso August 21, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Its funny how after almost 10 years of graduating MHS..some things never change!! I still think of nachos for lunch ;) LOL


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