New Restrooms, Softball Field Improvements Move Ahead

A project manager will prepare a bid package for Milford softball field improvements and a new restroom building at the athletic fields complex.

Improvements to the Milford High School softball field and construction of a new restroom facility and concession area for the athletics complex are moving forward.

The project manager for the community fields complex will prepare a bid package for contractors, to include the new restroom building, and significant improvements to the existing softball complex, including new fencing, irrigation and infield and outfield restoration.

Construction of the nearly $3 million football field, tennis courts and track is nearly completed, and resulted in enough savings to add the improvements to the adjoining softball complex, said Brian Murray, a Milford Selectman and chairman of the Community Fields Committee. He estimated the savings on the football-tennis-track project at $200,000 to $300,000.

In addition, for construction of a restroom facility, which will include a concession area. The building would be located near the football field.

Under plans reviewed Thursday by the Community Fields Committee, the restroom facility will have 10 bathroom stalls, six for women and four for men, as well as a concession area for food sales. The existing bathroom building will remain, to supplement the number of bathrooms for major events. 
The town sought and received a waiver from a state plumbing committee, which allowed it to reduce the number of required bathrooms, based on the capacity of the football bleachers. 

Softball field improvements will include materials for new wooden dugouts, improvements to the existing batting cage, new fencing, irrigation and infield, as well as regrading and restoration of the outfield.

The committee hopes to secure private financing for a new scoreboard for the softball field. Electrical lines have already been run to the softball field from the existing box serving the football field.

The timeline for the work is mid-June through July, which means the softball field will not be ready for the upcoming season. Work would have to begin after the 2013 softball season ends, committee members said. 

The restrooms and concession building, however, should be ready for the next football season.

Murray said he was disappointed the softball field wouldn't be ready for the upcoming season, but said the weather prohibits it. "This weather, it's just not possible."


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