Milford Superintendent, School Committee to Discuss Alleged Program Violations

Committee member Donald Quattrochio asked why students have been pulled from gym class to take part in a strings program.

Donald Quattrochio at the June 5 meeting. Credit: MilfordTV via YouTube
Donald Quattrochio at the June 5 meeting. Credit: MilfordTV via YouTube

Milford Superintendent Robert Tremblay on Thursday plans to respond to a School Committee member who earlier this month asked why it took more than three weeks to provide information about students who were leaving gym class to take part in a music program.

At the committee's June 5 meeting, member Donald Quattrochio criticized Tremblay regarding a lack of information about Woodland Elementary students who have been allowed to leave physical education classes to take part in a strings music program, saying the matter violated school policy requiring students to participate in a specific number of gym class hours. 

"I am not trying to elminiate the strings program," he said at the June 5 meeting. "I think it's a wonderful program. What I'm trying to do is make sure we are following the policies we have put in place."

Those who were not present at the June 5 meeting can view Quattrochio's comments and criticisms here

"Don's concern, and rightfully so, was that it was in violation of the district's wellness policy; I wasn't able to speak to that," said Tremblay this week, adding that he will respond in full on Thursday night. "I'm preparing a response to his report."

The committee will meet at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 19 in the Milford High School Teachers Resource Center. 

For the full agenda for Thursday's meeting, click here >>

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