Milford MCAS Results

District results on the MCAS show that students in Milford perform above- state average in middle and high school, but the average slips below the state average in elementary grades.

Students, on average, in Milford Public Schools beat state averages on the MCAS last spring, with 73 percent of tested students scoring proficient or better in English language arts on the exam, and 62 percent reaching that level in math.

In science and technology, 59 percent of the tested students reached proficiency on MCAS — the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exams.

Performance varied by grade level.

Milford students in middle and high school grades scored, on average, at levels exceeding the state average, according to the data released Wednesday.

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Students in the tested elementary grades, however, had an average that slipped below the state's. In grade 3, for example, the earliest grade tested, 59 percent of Milford students scored at levels considered proficient or higher in reading. Statewide, 61 percent of students reached proficient or better in reading at that grade.

In third grade, 42 percent of the students tested in reading scored below proficiency. In 10th grade, just 10 percent of the students tested in English language arts fell below proficient levels.

School-specific data is also available on the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website.

The state MCAS is administered each year to students in grades 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 10. Students must pass the exam given at the 10th grade level to graduate from high school.


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