Milford High School Reports 85 percent Graduation Rate

The four-year graduation rate for Milford High School was 85 percent in 2011, according to the latest federal statistics. Six percent of students dropped-out.

Many parents are focused on SAT scores when trying to determine how their high school measures up to others. But the graduation rate — the percentage of students who succeed in graduating, on time — is another important barometer.

According to federal data released Tuesday, Milford High School in 2011 had an 85.3 percent graduation rate. This means 85.3 percent of the students who entered as freshmen graduated four years later, two points better than the state average.

Another 6 percent of Milford students were still enrolled in 2011, but had not yet earned enough credits to graduate. Another 1.9 percent obtained their GEDs.

The drop-out rate in 2011 was  6 percent.

For the first time last year, all states were required to follow a common definition for a graduation rate — a federal standard — which evens out some of the discrepancies when comparing state rates. Comparisons among states are still problematic, however, as each state has differing requirements for a high school diploma.

Massachusetts as a whole had an 83 percent graduation rate for the class of 2011, which put the state below the Top 10 nationally. Iowa had the country's highest rate at 88 percent, according to a report in the Boston Globe.

In regional comparisons, Milford High School's graduation rate of 85.3 percent was among the lowest of neighboring districts, according to the federal data, as reported on the state's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website.

Border District Graduation Rates:

Hopedale: 88.5 percent

Mendon-Upton: 93 percent

Holliston: 96.9 percent

Hopkinton: 98.8 percent

Bellingham: 84.3 percent

Medway: 96.7 percent

Blackstone Valley Tech: 98.2 percent

Ray Fellows November 28, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Milford schools do a great job with our students but economic and ethnic demographics play into the percentage rate. This why we need to look to alternative resources like nonprofits to work with the schools to help these children graduate. The national percentage is 7% dropout rate and 15% that never graduate. I dont like those numbers, thats a lot of young adults without a future. I think we need to start a dialogue on this subject and create a focused effort on the issues that cause these numbers. Children Across America is ready for this challenge.


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