Brian Can End This Now

Brian could join Bill in opposing the proposed Milford casino.

He has spent much of his adult life in service to his hometown. He has been out front in preserving the character and livability of Milford. He has been aggressive in holding licensed establishments to account for the conduct of their staff and patrons. He has been assertive in helping to keep less than desirable businesses out of Milford. He has helped shape and maintain the financial health of the Town. You may not always agree with him, but Brian is always there to promote and protect Milford. His efforts seem endless.

And so one wonders why Brian Murray has not taken a stand against the siting of a casino in Milford.

Bill Buckley is outspoken in his opposition to the siting of a casino in Milford. If Brian joined Bill in publicly opposing the proposed casino, the project might be all but dead. It would seem that Nunes and his partners would have a very difficult time securing funding if it was known that a majority of the Milford Board of Selectmen was opposed to this project.

It would seem that the issue of water usage alone would tip the scale against this project. Apparently the Milford Water Company has said it  can not or will not provide water to a casino, restaurants and a 300 room hotel. In response, David Nunes is reported to have said that the casino project would drill its own wells.

Those wells would tap the same underground water supply that is the lifeline that sustains Milford’s families and businesses. It sustains the Town’s viability. Wells drilled to support a casino project could have a devastating effect in just a few years after they begin operation regardless of how much recycling or use of grey water the project incorporates into its design.

So why is one of Milford’s most ardent supporters not saying ‘no’?

Brian has said that right now a casino in Milford is just a concept; he has said that there is no proposal for a casino before the Town. If Nunes, Warner Gaming and Foxwoods make it past the initial review by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Milford would be faced with a referendum sometime this fall on a proposal to locate a casino here.

The casino interests would be very aggressive in pressing their case for approval by the residents of Milford. They would most likely hire a public relations firm with expertise in political campaigns. Milford would be subjected to the intense pressure seen during the recent presidential election in the battlegrounds states of Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin and others. Radio and newspaper advertising in local and regional outlets would inundate the town. Mailings, door knocks and phone calls would rain down on residents. Nursing homes would be asked to allow presentations. Senior citizens would be a target and the Boston media would become a regular sight in Milford. Anyone identified as ‘undecided’ would become a particular target. This would not be the usual Milford Town Election.

Nunes and his partners put up $400,000 as a non-refundable fee just to be considered for a Massachusetts casino license. How much they would spend on a referendum campaign in Milford is anyone’s guess.

Milford residents are organizing to oppose a casino project but their resources for the fight -- financial and otherwise -- will be far less than Nunes and company will bring to bear.

Milford has been roiled in the recent past by the Water Company’s failure to provide safe drinking water; the uproar over the change of  high school principals; the presence of illegal immigrants; the dismissal of a coach; and the attempt to bring nude dancing to town.

Brian can act now to protect our water supply. He can prevent Nunes' from bringing his aggressive campaign to town. He can join Bill Buckley in publicly opposing the siting of casino in Milford.

Brian Murray is so well regarded that he will run unopposed for re-election to the Board of Selectmen.

Reach out to Brian and ask him to publicly oppose the siting of  a casino in Milford. Ask Brian to end this now.

You can leave a message for Brian at the Selectmen’s Office at 508-634-2303. You can email him at brian@bwmurraylaw.com.

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Jennifer February 16, 2013 at 04:19 PM
1. Why not suggest Dino switch sides instead of Brian? Dino's been on the board longer than them both if I remember correctly, and he's got just as much "clout" as Brian. 2. Why is it bad that neither Dino or Brian is willing to publicly denounce a project without knowing what they're deciding on with facts in front of them? All we have is "speculation" at this point, so it seems more logical to decide based on facts rather than on rumors. 3. SOME residents are organizing against the casino. NOT all residents of this town are against the casino....and those who are undecided are basically saying the same as Brian and Dino-Give us the FACTS and we'll make a decision. It's not fair to say ALL of Milford is against it. of the three adults in my house it's a 50/50 split & myself undecided and I would rather make my decision based on exactly what they're planning instead of rumors and speculation. 4.Water is a vital commodity, but you don't know where they're getting it from. Again we're speculating that they're drilling wells. Drilling wells is going to have to be permitted by DEP. The DEP will take into account aggregate effects on local water systems, so if they see it as a problem to the good of our municipal system I'm doubtful they would allow them to be drilled. We don't even know if this is an issue, and won't until MA announces the decision. why start taking up arms against something that isn't even close to being an issue yet.
edgar smoot February 17, 2013 at 12:22 AM
Jennifer wrote: Why is it bad that neither Dino or Brian is willing to publicly denounce a project without knowing what they're deciding on with facts in front of them? All we have is "speculation" at this point, so it seems more logical to decide based on facts rather than on rumors. Well, Jennifer, I am not anti-gambling, but I am anti-hoodwinking the public --- and that's just what Nunes is trying to accomplish, to fool Milford residents. He's been at this in Milford for two years and he has yet to discuss ANY of the impacts on Milford. He disappeared for months on end, avoided talking to our selectmen, promised the world, yet hasn't even bothered to give us any input or idea of what the impacts of a casino would be. Look at other proposals across the state and those proposals. For better or worse, developers in those communities have discussed traffic impacts and studies, water usage impacts and studies, property taxes impacts and studies, and on and on and on. And local officials have demanded that those studies be paid for by the developers, but let the local officials pick the experts to do the studies. Nunes hasn't delivered a single independent study or analysis on anything. And our selectmen haven't demanded a list of studies be done on critical aspects of casino impacts, nor demanded that Nunes pay for those studies. Shame on them.
Goat wood ruin February 19, 2013 at 02:38 PM
Hi Brian, Since it's supposed to rain tomorrow can you make it so Milford doesn't get wet?
Jennifer February 19, 2013 at 04:07 PM
What is the point of demanding a study for something that isn't even possible at this point? The selectman have said time and again: We'll talk about it when it's a valid option. "Murray said he doesn't envision investing in anything until the state passes a gambling bill and Nunes is a clear candidate for a license." "I believe he's a serious businessman with a serious proposal, and we'll put $65,000 through a line item with the town treasurer. When the time comes, and Milford has a serious shot (at a casino), the process will begin," selectmen Chairman Dino DeBartolomeis said" He's just as likely to get the license as he isn't, so he's not "clearly" going to get the license yet. Once the license is granted, I would expect that the studies you're looking for will be demanded by the Selectman. Nunes has said he pay the town to fund the studies, so basically he's doing exactly what you want, our selectman just haven't jumped the gun and done it yet...which is exactly what they said THEY were going to do back when this all started. Good for you for not wanting to be "hoodwinked" but why are you putting the cart before the horse? This town isn't just going to sit idly by without facts, and then vote for this without doing their homework first...and if we do then so be it. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. ps. the contracts were basically exclusivity contracts and expired on 12/31/12 so we're not obligated to build anything.
carl berke February 19, 2013 at 04:38 PM
If,the Leaders, like some here, are fence sitting what can you do but continue to ask hard questions. Usually, the answers will avoid the questions. Like J saying "I don't know where the water will come from" is like not expecting an answer at all! Really? You don't know where the water will come from? The truth is that all of the water ever created, universally, has remained constant for billions of years. You will get no more than you already have, especially in drought stricken North America. Secondly, you will wait forever for a "study/studies" that show a positive effect from a casino or any other non-productive government sanctioned project. There are NONE, even though some opponents of casinos believe that Nunes will produce one. He won't. He can't. There is NO example of a casino having a positive effect on its surrounding community. Quite the opposite. Las Vegas, a paragon for gamblers, was built around one casino. There was no Los Vegas before that casino. And today? There are more underwater mortgages there than anywhere! This is not a matter of morality. Wagering is a human activity. So are a lot of other non productive activities. The matter is, who do you want reaping in the vig of what is what is essentially a state sanctioned rip-off? Would you like to sell the rights to the Lottery, a colossal rip off in itself? I guess its okay to rip off one another as long as the "take" goes into the pubic coffers.


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