New Restrooms, Concession Building Approved

Town Meeting representatives, in a divided vote, approved $150,000 to help construct a new restroom and concession facility for the Milford High School athletics complex.

Special town meeting voters agreed to provide another $150,000 to construct a new restroom and concession building to complete the athletics complex at Milford High School, after 20 minutes of argument.

The money was approved Monday in a divided vote — 112 in favor and 48 opposed. The additional funds, when combined with about $150,000 in savings on the $3 million athletics fields project, will provide up to

Selectmen were divided in their recommendation to Town Meeting. William Buckley, who opposed the article, said the town needed to reach out to contractors, who could contribute their services. "I think it's time we represent our seniors and our neighbors," he said.

Selectman Brian Murray, who argued in favor of the article, said the bathrooms have to be made handicapped accessible, and relocated to a more central spot, closer to the softball fields. "The town has committed to do this project the right way," Murray said.

Several town meeting representatives spoke either in favor, or against.

Cheryl Shea, who argued in favor, said the town needs to think of its children. She pointed out that raising funds, and getting in-kind contributions, is difficult in the current economy. "Every one of us owes it to the community to vote yes on this," she said. "Enough is enough. We owe it to our kids."

In earlier votes, town meeting representatives quickly approved several articles Monday, including a raise for police officers, money for the Fourth of July fireworks and $75,000 for replacing a damaged component of the Milford Town Library air conditioning system.

Led by Moderator Michael Noferi, 156 elected town meeting members approved the first three articles on the warrant with little discussion.

In authorizing $77,500 for a new police union contract, the voters agreed to give unionized police employees a 1.5 percent raise, retroactive to July 1, as well as a 1 percent raise in January.

The fireworks article, the first approved, will provide $18,000 for the 2012 fireworks display at Plains Park.

The library air conditioning unit, a Trane chiller, will replace a unit that is 29 years old. It was not covered in a 2006 renovation.

milfordian October 25, 2011 at 03:51 PM
The town meeting members passed everything, pretty sad. The only thing I would have agreed to was the 2% increase in the hotel tax as it only hurts people visiting Milford and it will offset some of the money being spent like it was nothing. Someone at the meeting had a great idea suggesting to lower everyones real estate tax bill by money made by the 2% tax increase, but it was voted down. Any money made will be used wherever needed. Biggest take out of the meeting was huge unfunded liabilities to town unionized employees via pensions and benefits that Milford will never be able to make without huge sacrifices from our taxpayers.
Interested Resident October 25, 2011 at 06:05 PM
Wow! I'm really confused about the town priorities. $3M for a sports center and 5% more for a concession stand. When the town rep says residents need to think of its children. She pointed out that raising funds, and getting in-kind contributions, is difficult in the current economy. "Every one of us owes it to the community to vote yes on this," she said. "Enough is enough. We owe it to our kids." I can't help thinking of the Milford Library and how they can't get the town to pay for new furniture in the children's wing even though it is broken down and easily decades old. I can't help but think of the fact that Woodland school has antiquated open plan classrooms without real walls between classrooms. I can't help thinking of the overrun in the Youth Center and the huge uproar about $60k which from the articles I've seen sounded like it was mainly due to an unexpected loss of funds from the United Way. I agree that enough is enough...seems like this town is a little penny wise and dollar foolish.
Michelle October 25, 2011 at 07:27 PM
Why is it that we have a beautiful Senior Center in town but no nice places for our children to play or hang out? We do need to think of our children, they are the future. What's wrong with having a nice athletics complex?
UglyHat October 26, 2011 at 01:09 PM
No nice places for the kids to play or hang out? Fino Field Plains Park Town Park Tennis courts Skate Park School Parks and Playgrounds Public Pools Youth Center Library Louisa Lake The Upper Charles Trail And that’s just some of the places they can go for free. There’s nothing wrong with a nice athletics complex but let’s not get carried away. The kids have plenty of nice places they can go.


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