Sen. Scott Brown takes his Campaign to Milford

U.S. Scott Brown kicked off a bus tour Thursday, and stopped by Johnny Jacks Restaurant to meet with residents and local police.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown stepped off a campaign bus to an enthusiastic crowd at Johnny Jacks Restaurant Thursday, where he met with local residents, officials and police.

The senator kicked off a bus tour, the "People Over Party" tour, with the stop in Milford, where he also picked up an endorsement from the local police union.

He traveled with Maine Sen. Susan Collins. The campaign also was expected to make a stop later in the morning in Grafton.

Brown is running for election to a full term in the U.S. Senate. He was elected in 2009 in a special election, taking the place of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. This year, he faces as opponent Elizabeth Warren, a professor at Harvard University Law School.

The race is among the most expensive in the country and is being closely followed by national media.

Jim O'Connor November 01, 2012 at 06:52 PM
"People over party." What a joke. Try as he might, Brownie can't erase that R next to his name. The so called "party of small government" .and the belief that taxing people for any reason is not only bad governance, but is also close to immoral. Republicans likeBrown would have all states impacted by Hurricane Sandy, or other similar disasters, pay for their own disaster repairs. The same states that are laying-off police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and county workers. In the aftermath of the hurricane, there is no doubt that infrastructure will need to be rebuilt. This will require public investment, in other words taxes.Canwe count on Republicans like Brown to provide the leadership to make this happen? The answer is no.. Sadly, there is no doubt that next week tens of thousands of Republican voters will accept the protection and help of the federal government in the aftermath of this recent storm. And then they will wake up on election day and rail against "big government" and pull the lever for Romney or Brownie or others likethem When will they ever learn?
carl berke November 01, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Right on as far as you go. There may be significant differences between Brown and Warren and they are great. However, even Warren has barely touched on the fundamentals. The two pres. candidates are now indistinguishable. The rightward tilt of American politics has been so severe that while there was little to separate candidates in the past, now there is zero room to see any light. The corporate rulers of this countryare delighted to have fierce debates over non issues like religion, health care, abortion and whatever else they can promote to occupy the really disinterested electorate. Since FDR there has been a relentless campaign to dumb down self awareness by the people. One of the moves has been to destroy party leadership and to promote the self destructive "great man" approach to governance. The majority of Americans will vote for two candiadates who are in the same corporate bag. They take money from the same fascist, and criminal, corporations abetted by the Surpremne Court. Are you all really so fat and sassy that you can't imagine a better society? If so, drunk with bread and circus, you will get the government you deserve. B.Franklin warned that you would lose the Republic, which was after all, a chimera created by the 1%. You still have it and it does not work.
Joe Kane November 01, 2012 at 09:39 PM
Jim, If you want to donate more of your money there is a little box that you can check off on your State Tax return which will allow your income to be taxed at a higher rate. I will bet that you have not clicked that box EVER have you??!! So once again, you want to do "Good" with someone elses money, NOT YOURS! Typical Liberal stance Jim! If you are so concerned, please check of the box when doing your return and have the Patch cover the story. There's only a couple people in the state that have made that selection and I don't think you're one of them! Brown and Romney think that the states will do a better job of managing the disaster repairs instead of having the federal government do it. Or were you really impressed with the Katrina disaster response. If so, please do pontificate on how that will work going forward! If they states need/want help, they should ask the federal government on an exception basis, not all the time. How do you like all those FEMA trailers that were ordered and rotted away! Another wise choice by the Feds!!
Ed Bertorelli November 01, 2012 at 09:47 PM
@ carl- very interesting point of view and you make a lot of incisive and accurate comments...but I wonder isn't this how all powerful states start their fall ?
Jim O'Connor November 01, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Well Joe it seems we had a different CEO/Harvard MBA/businessman president during the Katrina disaster. I know Republicans want to forget about him. Romney/Brown & Co. hardly ever mention his name, but I think we know who I'm talking about. I seem to remember this ex-president was a big proponent of the Republican mantra that states should handle disaster management without major federal invovolvement. I believe he placed an Arabian horse show organizer in charge of FEMA. Do you really believe that Republican Gov. Christie intends to have the state of NJ fund, on its own, all of the upcoming repair and reconstruction? .Do you really believe Christie tried to refuse federal intervention this week? We have a federal government for a reason. As for checking the box to pay a higher tax rate, that's just nonsense. We live in a community with common needs and responsibilities. We don't all make use of the local senior center, or the public schools, or the fire department, or the court system, yet we pay for these things as a community so that they are there for the community when and if we needed. BTW: I'm sure you're aware that Milford is seeking $3 million in federal money for the Milford Pond restoration? Somewhere in St. Louis or Seattle there is a guy complaining about his tax $ going to that project. Are you opposed to federal money for the Milford Pond project?.
Joe Kane November 01, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Sure Jim..........
Joe Kane November 01, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Regarding the money for Milford Pond restoration..... That is why WE LOCALLY should be deciding on priority projects for what we need locally. It should not be a concern of those in other states. The reverse could be if we were complaining (which we are) when other states representatives bring home the PORK. THAT'S THE WHOLE ISSUE JIM!! You just don't get it. It's because the pool of money comes from the Federal Government that there is concern whether it is really a priority, or whether a certain Senator or Representative is just REALLY GOOD at "Bringing Home the Bacon". THAT IS WHY WE ARE IN THE POSITION WE ARE IN!! Hope the Cement has soften enough to let the ear drums feel the vibes!!
Ed Bertorelli November 02, 2012 at 02:35 AM
Thanks Joe Kane for your great comments and perspective ...keep up the good work- the antidote to nasty bloggers are the facts and you have them.
carl berke November 02, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Good stuff! Yes. all great powers decline. We are just doing it at an accelerarted rate unpecedented in history. The Romans lasted almost 600 years, the British 400 years and we are lucky to last 300. The evolution of power has returned to its original seat in China. It took almost 600 years for that to happen. I suspect that the rotation of power will move at an accelerated rate as long as we depend on ever growing economic growth versus sustainability of consumption. The decline is a geometric function of greed and concentration of wealth
Mary MacDonald (Editor) November 02, 2012 at 11:14 AM
I've included a link in the story to his appearance in Grafton... http://grafton.patch.com/articles/grafton-among-scott-brown-s-last-stops-on-bus-tour#photo-12000936


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