School Committee Argument Reported to Police

Donald Quattrochio, newly elected to the Milford School Committee, has filed a police incident report following an argument with fellow board member Paul Mazzuchelli.

a newly elected School Committee member, reported to Milford police Sunday an incident in which he said Paul Mazzuchelli, another committee member, swore at him in "an action of intimidation" at a public meeting.

The incident occurred during the School Committee meeting Thursday, in a discussion of the upcoming budget, Quattrochio told police, according to the incident report. During the board discussion, Quattrochio stated, he was explaining the reasons why he felt the position of security director was a redundancy.

At that point, Mazzuchelli "exploded," Quattrochio told police, and "went off in a tirade of yelling and swearing" at him.

"Quattrochio said that he told Mazzuchelli that he was out of line," the police report stated. Mazzuchelli then swore at him, using expletives several times, before stating "Let's go. Let's go right now."

The incident was witnessed by seven other people, including the Superintendent of Schools, Robert Tremblay, and five other elected School Committee members, Quattrochio said.

Quattrochio waited until Sunday to report the incident, he said, because he was waiting for an apology from Mazzuchelli. He told police he was not interested in pursuing the matter as a criminal offense.

On Monday, Quattrochio said he went to police because he wanted to document the incident. "I just felt like, if I go to make decisions, and voice my opinion, is this going to happen every time? There's no place for it."

The incident occurred during his second meeting as a School Committee member. Mazzuchelli is a six-year member.

"I wanted to make sure this was documented," Quattrochio said. "Therefore, if it ever happened again, I would have something to fall back on. To me, it was serious in nature."

Mazzuchelli, contacted Monday, admitted he swore at Quattrochio but never intended to intimidate him or anyone else. "Yes I did," he said, of the swearing. "It was out of frustration and emotion. If I hurt anyone's feelings, I do apologize for that."

Filing a police report over the incident was "not necessary," Mazzuchelli said.

The argument was not part of the televised School Committee meeting, because the discussion took place following an executive session, during a portion of the meeting when the board came back in to public session to vote on the proposed budget.

The position of security director, held by David Cutler, was eliminated following a 4-3 vote on a motion made by Quattrochio. Mazzuchelli said he became frustrated during the discussion because he couldn't get a good explanation about why the position was being cut.

Quattrochio said he explained his rationale, that the money could be directed to other needs, and not used for a position whose responsibilities could be assumed by the principal, guidance officers or the police officers in buildings.

The budget will go to , with the money for the security director position still intact.

Mary MacDonald May 20, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Hi Henry, no I didn't because I interviewed both Mr. Quattrochio and Mr. Mazzuchelli.
Ray Fellows May 20, 2012 at 02:43 PM
I have talked to 3 of them. 2 took Paul's side and 1 took Don's. They all said it was very heated on BOTH sides. I agreed that I wouldnt mention their names but all 3 were perplexed as to why the police needed to brought in to this. I for one don't understand why Paul put's up with this anymore. I know it's because he cares but is this nonsense worth it? I have been approached over the years for different committees and positions and these type of situations are exactly why I have so no every time. These type of antics are why a lot of good people refuse to get involved in the process. They biggest losers in situations like this are the kids and they are why the school committee exists. This all should have been handled in house, period. You don't hang your dirty laundry out to dry for all to see, it hurts the committees credibility with the community.
Stalin May 21, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Fellow, thought you turned Democat ????
Stalin May 21, 2012 at 08:22 PM
OH, and Mr Fellow's where exactly were those WMD's anyhow ???? talk about denial !!!
Ray Fellows May 21, 2012 at 11:33 PM
HMMMMMM???? Iraq gets leveled, surrenders. One of the terms of there surrender is regular U.N. inspections. Iraq then refuses entry to the U.N.for 1 and 1/2 YEARS. Then all of a sudden, you can come in. My guess to where is Syria, a year and a half is more than enough time to remove any evidence. Read up on all of the testimony by Iranians and the chemical weapons attacks on them by Iraq including mustard gas attacks. Oh thats right, I forgot, Iraq was the innocent victim to the big bad evil President Bush.


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