Restaurant, School Inspections

The following inspections by the Milford Board of Health were completed in September and October.

Editor's Note: the following statements and notes were made in Milford Board of Health inspections of restaurants and schools.

No violations here. Food is delivered from Milford High School. Food prep is minimal (chicken nuggets and similar foods.)

Quick Shop, 124 E. Main St., Sept. 27: No violations here. Small convenience store as part of a service station. No milk, no groceries, no breads. Too coolers with juice, energy drinks, soda, water, etc... Counter display of candy and snacks and a rack system with chips and other assorted bagged snacks.

Two violations here. Need additional thermometers for the milk cooler and for the ice cream freezer. need to keep employee restroom clean and disinfected.

Four critical violations: dishwasher low temperature, unit had no sanitizer present on test strip; thawing frozen vegetables in hand-wash sink; serve-safe certification expired; cutting boards need to be replaced. Other violations: beer cooler has splash on ceiling that needs to be cleaned to prevent mold; handwash sign needed in bathroom; meat slicer needs to be cleaned, sanitized and covered with plastic so next person knows unit is sanitary and ready to use; disposable pads for changing units in bathroom; handwash sign at sink needed; daily log for dishwasher temperature and sanitizer. Spoke to head chef about violations and proceures that need to be put in place. Re-inspected on Oct. 12: No violations. All violations corrected, need to complete allergy awareness.

No critical violations. Handwash sign needed on handwash station, food allergy awareness certificate needed, on menu posted.

No violations at time of inspection.

One violation: need to find or replace thermometers that are missing in coolers or freezers.

No violations here.

Three violations here: need to separate any food service utensils from any other items in the steel utility drawer in the bakery section; be sure to store all plastic utensils for customer use or employee use so that handles face the user.

Four violations here: Need additional thermometers, cannot leave the back door of the kitchen open; one ceiling light above the back door does not work.

Violation involved keeping hand sinks (2) open and free of material to allow use by the employees.

One violation, same one. Walk-in freezer door seal is defective. No ice build up and temperature was good.

There is a huge ice buildup in the OLD six-door freezer. Temperature is good and equipped with a thermometer. This is the only recurring violation.

No violations here.

Five violations here which included the following: two open boxes of food products that need to be covered; foods in bags or boxes cannot be stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler; three bags of food product not closed tightly while in storage; need to find or install independent thermometers in coolers or freezers where needed.

No violations at time of inspection.

No critical violations. Other notes: No food containers on the floor in the walk-in; recommend refinishing door upstairs and down; Repaint support pole at the end of the stairs in the basement; Keep up with daily dishwashing.

No violations here. Freezer was just cleaned. Stove is disconnected. One steel drawer still sticks. Everything not in use is wrapped up and stored away.

Three violations here. One hood filter is not in place for the overhead exhaust system; broken pane of glass in one of the windows; missing a thermometer for the ice cream chest freezer.

Violations here included the following: do not store food products on the floor in cardboard boxes or bags; clean interior fan grill for the True single-door cooler; bottom convection oven interior base needs to be cleaned; six-burner stovetop also needs a good scrubbing; in the ladies' restroom, one of the sink faucets does not run long enough when you push down on the faucet.

Two critical violations: need to keep ice scoop on a sanitary plate outside of the ice bin; toilet in ladie's room not flushing; need handwash signs in the bathrooms; dishwasher not working at time of inspection; need to use paper or plastic serviceware until dishwasher is in service; employees knowledgable about sanitation procedures.

No critical violations. Other comments: Handwash sign needed on handwash station; tile missing in bar floor; clean door on walk-in refrigerator; recommend keeping daily log for dishwasher temperature and a log for refrigeration temperatures.

No violations at the time of inspection. Notes: very good sanitation standards; use liquid hand soap in bathroom.

Violations here included: the need to keep some food covered in various coolers along the main line; ice buildup on the floor of the walk-in freezer posing a danger to employees; one small stainless steel container of beef left uncovered in the walk-in cooler.


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