Restaurant, Kitchen Inspections

The following inspection reports were submitted by the Milford health inspectors in June, July and August.

Editor's Note: The following statements are from Board of Health inspections of restaurants and food establishments in Milford. The reports are based on inspections of the businesses conducted in June, July and August.

Critical violations, where they are noted, are required to be fixed immediately to within 10 days, as specified by the Milford Board of Health.

One violation. Paper towel for employee hand sink next to the oven.

Two violations. Small oven needs the interior cleaned and the paper towel dispenser does not work in the employees' restroom.

Five violations, including the following: Need to cover plastic utensils in the back room while in storage. There is a flour spill on the metal rack in the second back room on the metal rack used to store utensils. Clean interiors of both steel utility drawers used to store utensils and be sure knives are cleaned and sanitized before they are stored in the drawers. 

Five violations, including the following. Be sure foods in the walk-in freezer are completely covered after use (cupcakes). Label small, white container containing sugar. Need a thermometer for a single-door cooler. Water for the men's room hand sink needs to run longer, at least 7 seconds.

Seven violations, including the following. Do not store boxes of food on the floor of the walk-in freezer, and be sure to safely cover foods after use. Need to better maintain the exterior of the Hobart mixer. Food scoop and food strainer above this machine also must be stored clean, sanitary, and safely. Do not store dough hook unless it is completely clean and sanitary. Do not store ice scoops in the ice bin in order to prevent accidental hand-contamination with the ice. Four milks (three strawberry and one chocolate) removed to being dated beyond their use-by date.

Three violations, including the need to cover all foods in the walk-in freezer and do not store boxes of food on the floor in the same unit. Do not leave ice scoop in the ice bin at the back work area, next to the Pepsi cooler, in order to prevent accidental contamination by hand contact. The paper towel dispenser and the soap dispenser do not work for the hand sink by the customer service area. The soap dispenser was in working order before the inspection was over.

Four violations here, including the following. Four packages of Excedrin Tension Headache 20-count gelcaps expired in June. Need a visible thermometer for the two-door glass freezer and cooler, and clean the back and back wall. Clean milk cooler base fan guard area, back metal base and rack that the milk is on. One package "Bar" bologna (1 lb.) and four packages of "Farmland" bologna also expired in June.

Five violations. Need to keep container area clean in the outside enclosure (usually pretty good). Knives are to be clean and sanitized before storage on the magnetic knife strip in the back prep room area. Bag of rice needs to be closed tightly (also in this same room). Need to change the oil in all three fryers. Some foods in the two-door coolers and freezers, across from the main line, were not covered.

Three violations. Need to repair section of the rear kitchen floor. Box of food product stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer. And one food product left uncovered in the first two-door prep cooler.

Little Stars Daycare, 229 Purchase St., July 24: Violations here included the need to clean the front exterior of the refrigerator, clean the top of the microwave oven and install an independent thermometer in the chest freezer.

Seven violations. Front door cannot be left open, this allows for pests to enter the kitchen. Rear screen door at the back of the kitchen is torn and needs repair. Several foods left uncovered in the walk-in cooler. Box of frozen shrimp cannot be stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer. Close tightly two bags of rice in the dry goods storage area. Change the grease in one fryer.

Six violations. Need additional thermometers. Do not prop front door open, this allows for the entrance of pests. Clean floor and replace cardboard. Keep back of mainline equipment clean (grease, dust, dirt, etc.) to avoid possible hazards.

Menu Transfer, 120 Main St., July 30: One violation. Need a thermometer in the small chest freezer. Small Brazilian grocery store. All pre-packaged foods, no milk, minimal amount of foods on three shelves in total.

Hunan Gourmet, 130 Main St., July 30: Six violations. Several foods were left uncovered in the walk-in cooler. One food left uncovered in the large, single-door freezer in the basement. Basement back door needs to be kept tightly closed. Cover all pails of food products under the stainless steel table in the small prep area at the rear of the kitchen. Clean interior and exterior of the Coke cooler and cover all the foods. And two-burner stove top needs to be scrubbed clean. 

Six violations. Need several additional thermometers. Replace protective panels in the "attic" storage area above dry goods storage room. Too much congestion in the immediate vicinity of the dishwashing area. Do not use the eyewash sink/First Aid station as a food prep/storage area. Clean and disinfect the men's room toilet.

Five violations. Be sure all foods are covered in the walk-in freezer, either the box is closed tight or the plastic liner that covers the food. Food service utensils in the five-shelf plastic rack system are to be cleaned and sanitized before storage in these racks. Need additional visible thermometers.

One violation corrected immediately by the kitchen manager. Fan guards inside the True two-door cooler needed to be cleaned due to a dust and dirt buildup.

Four violations. Clean and sanitize the manual can opener. Food debris on one knife blade that was in the knife rack. Need additional, visible thermometers. Missing one ceiling panel above the Victory cooler in the kitchen.

Five violations. Need to have additional thermometers in the walk-in cooler, a grocery cooler. Two food products removed due to expiration dates. A glass door panel for one of the coolers is to be repaired.

One Stop Shop, 119 E. Main St., Aug. 9: No violations. A small convenience store with limited amount of groceries.

No violations. Food supplement store selling a wide variety of pre-packaged supplements.

Milford Senior Man September 10, 2012 at 01:21 PM
I'm pleased that the board of health is doing their job inspecting these places and making sure violations are corrected.
carolanne jacobson November 21, 2012 at 02:59 PM
this is great,i was a food service supervisor and they need to correct these problems to ensure no one gets sick...


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