Restaurant, Food Store Inspections

Milford's Board of Health now has two inspectors who conduct inspections of restaurants and other food establishments. These reports were filed in January and February of 2012.

Editor's Note: Milford Patch. One reader specifically asked for restaurant inspections, which are a public record. In this, the first of the "You Asked, Patch Answers" column, we asked to provide restaurant and food establishment inspection reports. The information below comes from report summaries filed in January and February 2012. More recent inspection reports will be published Friday.

Critical violations, where they are noted, are required to be corrected immediately, to within 10 days, as specified by the Board of Health. 

, Jan. 3: No violations. Limited amount of pre-packaged foods (snacks, candy, gum, chips, etc...) One cooler with juice, soda and energy drinks.

Jan. 4: Six violations, including the following: need for additional thermometers; clean and sanitize the electric can opener; food products cannot be stored under the sinks in the second floor kitchen; a sanitizing agent is needed for the dishwashing machine detergent. This critical violation will be corrected within one day. [Followup:] Children's Korner day care now has chlorinated dishwashing detergent.

Jan. 6: Back room walk-in freezer a mess; boxes of food all over the place needs organizing and maintenance; back room storage area (warehouse) in need of better care and maintenance as it provides in its current state an ideal place for rodent or pest harborage or nesting; need a visible easily located thermometer for the walk-in freezer; clean, maintain, disinfect and sanitize the restrooms in the back room area that are used for employees and customers.

, Jan. 10: Fifteen violations, which included the following: employee hand sink is to be cleaned and disinfected and the cabinet it is mounted on repainted; need a thermometer for the two-door prep cooler; exterior of the pizza oven needs to be cleaned; after use clean and sanitize the dough machine; need a thermometer for the single-door prep cooler; do not store pots and pans above the three-bay sink due to splash possibility; clean inside the steel utility drawer, where utensils are stored due to food debris at the bottom; stand alone freezer needs to be defrosted and a thermometer; household type of refrigerator needs a thermometer in the freezer; open box of pasta in the back storage area rack; spice jars need covers; store plastic utensils (in the function room) with the handles facing the user; need a thermometer for the center aisle cooler in the bar, where the juices and the milk are kept (mixers); when working with food, wear hair restraints; must maintain all areas from the storage hallway all the way past the function room; of most importance is the separation and storage of all food products, paper and plastic that are used in the kitchen from everything else. A re-inspection is scheduled. Re-inspected on Jan. 25 and found all violations corrected.

Jan. 12: Five violations, including the following: stand alone freezer needs to be defrosted and a thermometer installed; soap dispenser for the employee hand sink does not work or is hard to operate; clean and sanitize manual can opener; spices need to be kept covered when not in use.

, Jan. 23: Three violations, including: hamburgers needed to be covered in the True two-door freezer; more maintenance and care is needed for the storage shelves under the stainless steel work tables; store utensils with the handles facing up in the container in the storage rack, next to the three-bay sink.

Eva's Pizza, 55 Water St., Jan. 17: Eight violations, including the following: keep carpet area clean where dry goods are stored; label all barrels and bins containing food products; do not store knives between the magnetic knife rack and splash wall; food service tongs are to be stored in a safe, sanitary method (not hanging off a pipe and with the legs of another storage rack); keep hamburger covered in the two-door prep cooler; keep stuffing mixture covered in second two-door cooler; need to repair the area underneath the employee hand sink; cover French fries in the stand-alone freezer. Re-inspection scheduled. Re-inspection on Jan. 24 and all violations were corrected.

Jan. 25: Six violations, including: thermometer needed in the walk-in cooler; food service utensils must be separated from non-food service utensils or items in the steel utility drawer under the baker's table; when working with food in any way, hair restraints are to be worn; a thermometer is needed in the walk-in freezer off the catering room.

Jan. 30: Four violations, including: do not store cleaning agents (Spic and Span) above the prep sink (immediately corrected); utility drawer under this same prep sink needs to be cleaned, interior and exterior, due to food debris; repair ceiling tile above the three-bay sink; need to keep black plastic container used to store plastic utensils clean (under customer service counter and next to hot holding foods.)

, Feb. 2: Four violations, including: need additional thermometers; two knife blades had food debris on them (lettuce and where blade enters knife handle); exterior and interior of both microwave ovens need to be cleaned; bulk boxes of plastic utensils need to be kept covered during storage.

, Feb. 6: Fifteen violations, including: do not leave ice scoop unprotected on top of the basement ice machine; food in the walk-in cooler cannot be stored on the floor in boxes or bags and must be covered; food in the walk-in freezer in boxes cannot be stored on the floor and more care is needed in the storage of food in this unit; stainless steel table and storage shelves (3) need to be cleaned; exterior and interior of the large American Range oven unit needs to be cleaned including the stove top; food product in two-door prep cooler (red sauce) needs to be covered; exterior of sharp microwave oven needs to be cleaned; knives in both knife racks in customer service area need to be cleaned and sanitized before storage in the knife rack (food residue noticed on blades); exterior of three-door prep cooler needs to be cleaned including edges and hinges; interior of both GE Profile microwave ovens need to be cleaned; exterior of the deli display case on the employee side needs a good cleaning, which includes the bottom half doors and guides; time to change the contact paper at the bottom of the storage unit under the food slicer; cover the pies in the customer self-service coolers; floor in the upstairs kitchen and deli areas needs to be cleaned, including in and around kitchen equipment; John is to wear a hair restraint. A re-inspection is scheduled. Re-inspected on Feb. 21 and found all violations corrected.

, Feb. 9: Three violations here, including: the need to clean the interior (top) of the microwave oven; need a thermometer for the single-door Traulsen freezer; need to fill the paper towel dispenser.

, Feb. 13: two violations, including: employees clothing not to be left on top of the floor mixer; hair restraints are to be worn when working with food.

, Feb. 14: Eleven violations here, including: one bag of food product left uncovered must be closed tightly; two boxes of food product left uncovered on the food products storage rack on the bottom rack; food products in boxes or bags cannot be stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler; cutting board or any other food service article cannot be stored between the three-bay sink faucet and the splash wall; do not store anything on the food slicer (soiled cloth); before storage dough hook is to be cleaned and sanitized; grease for one fryer needs to be changed; approximately two or three hood filters need to be cleaned due to grease dust and dirt buildup; need additional thermometers where not visible or missing; store plastic ware so that handles always face the users; all foods are to be covered during any kind of storage (cooler, freezer or dry storage)

Feb. 16: Nine violations, including one critical violation. They were as follows: walk-in freezer visible thermometer; food in cardboard boxes to be stored off the floor and an apple crumb dessert covered; do not store the ice scoop in the ice for the large ice machine; need to change grease in at least three fryers; six burner stove top and oven are in need of a good cleaning; insides of both convection ovens need to be cleaned; need additional visible thermometers; be sure knives are cleaned and sanitized before storage in the knife rack; in the bar area do not store ice scoop in the ice bin in order to prevent hand contamination. The critical violation involved hot holding food (marinara sauce and chili) not being held hot enough. Both read 100 degrees for four hours or more. Both were removed and disposed of. A re-inspection is scheduled for the next day, Feb. 17 to determine hot-holding ability of this unit. Went back the next day and the unit has been repaired but is not being used. It was determined that this unit would not be used until testing could be conducted to determine if it could hold safe holding temperatures. On Feb. 21, unit is still not being used and is again under repair and waiting for a part (first repair was not effective). Scheduled for re-inspection of this unit and other violations on Feb. 27.

Feb. 21: Eight violations, including the following: in the walk-in cooler, cheese and a plastic bin of chicken needs to be covered; in the walk-in freezer, a thermometer is neede and cover the dessert; several foods left uncovered in the prep cooler right outside the walk-in units; do not hang employees clothing on the rack where the clean utensils are stored; chicken left uncovered in the Sanyo freezer and cooler compartments; need additional thermometers including in the bar area where mild juices and condiments are stored; do not store sanitizing solution bucket in the hand sink, must be kept available. As a precautionary statement, the outside storage area is to be used for paper items and only food stored in solid plastic, metal or glass can be stored in this outside unit. And as conveyed to the person, this area is to be a priority and maintained as any other food storage area. If this is found lacking during an inspection, food storage will not be allowed outside in this unit.

: Ten violations, including the following: one row of overhead lights in the kitchen does not work; clean fan guards on the cooling unit in the walk-in cooler; clean interiors of both ovens due to burnt-on blackened food debris; need a thermometer in the household type of refrigerator; be sure all knives are clean and sanitized before storage in the knife racks; there can be no contact between employees' clothing and kitchen equipment and utensils; clean the interior of the microwave oven in the bar area; the floor in the men's room is in need of repair due to tile separation and damage; food slicer is to be kept clear of any other items, nothing on it or on top of it. A re-inspection is scheduled.

Myd Nevins May 10, 2012 at 11:34 AM
Thank you Mary. Hopefully these reports can be shared on a regular basis as the inspectors make their rounds.
unclkebuck May 10, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Peppercini's and Gene's still rock!
Tracy May 10, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Sciloi's once again - never ate there, never will
Janice May 11, 2012 at 09:17 PM
I honestly think Paul or whoever is making these inspections take photos. I think they should be made public at the time the reports are. Might be a little help to push these places to keep these places CLEAN!


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