Restaurant Inspections: Panera Bread, Sal's Pizza, Tony's Place and More

The following restaurants and kitchens were inspected in October and November.

Editor's Note: the following statements and notes were made in Milford Board of Health inspections of restaurants and schools.

One violation here. Needed additional thermometers in some of their coolers and freezers.

: Five violations noted here. These included the following: box of food stored on the floor and one box of food not properly covered in the walk in freezer; cutting board in need of replacement due to wear; plastic utensils are to be stored with the handles facing the user.

Five violations here, which included the following: one food strainer disposed of due to wear and one food strainer has to be cleaned and sanitized due to food debris on the strainer; one food product left uncovered in the refrigerator; floor tile and some ceiling tiles needed replacement due to stains or damage.

: Seven violations: need a thermometer for the Imperial Freezer; food products cannot be stored under the kitchen sink; keep drawers where utensils are stored, especially the knife drawer, clean; need to repair the countertop where there is exposed wood; the tile floor needs repair where damaged in front of the sink.

Need additional thermometers.

Three violations here, which included the need to keep the knife rack top surface clean, no food products are to be stored under or next to the employee hand sink, and back splash wall for 12-burner stove needs to be cleaned.

Two violations: bag of onions are to be stored off the floor and bags and boxes of food products are to be closed tightly after use in the walk-in freezer.

One violation: metal ceiling vent needs to be re-secured (hanging from the ceiling.)

Five violations here, including the following: clean glass door and door guides for the two-door cooler, need paper towel for employee hand sink, small hole above the two-bay sink where a pipe used to be needs to be repaired, and clean base of the two-door prep cooler.

Two violations: repair or replacement of a wall next to the dish machine, and be sure knives are thoroughly clean and sanitized before storage in the knife rack.

One violation regarding lack of visible thermometers but was corrected during the inspection. The violation was in the snack bar area. Retail food service is free of violations and is significant in size with the back of the house grocery and the three walk-in units.

Three violations here, including the need to clean the interior of one microwave oven, change oil in one fryer and clean the bottoms and edges of the main line cooking equipment.


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