Restaurant Inspection Reports

The following inspections were completed by Milford health inspectors in August and September.

Editor's Note: the following statements and comments come from Milford Board of Health inspections of restaurants.

Inspection indicated the following violations, including two critical violations: clean drain line on chilling unit in the function room; clean can opener knife; glasses on bar need to be run through dishwasher again; bar dishwasher needs to be a little hotter, door not closing properly; hand wash sign needed in bathrooms; ice machine needs a complete cleaning on top of the machine, hoses and internal hardware; clean walk-in refrigerator in the rear.

 Inspection indicated the following violations: Soap dispenser at the very back of the restaurant in the prep area did not work; ceiling tiles missing directly above storage racks used for clean utensils; one box of food stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer; and the interior of the stainless steel drawer next to the two-bay sink needs to be cleaned of food debris due to the storage of food debris there. A re-inspection is scheduled. Re-inspected on Sept. 18 and found violations corrected.

Three violations here, which included keeping a bag of flour covered during storage, and organizing food and non-food items under a stainless steel work table.

Violations here included the following: Repair and clean the base of the wall next to the three-bay sink; replace ceiling tiles in the back prep area of the kitchen where needed; clean exterior of the floor mixer and floor areas that are missed or not easily accessible must also be cleaned.

No critical violations. Other notes: spray bleach on small area of mold behind dishwasher; keep sanitizer test strips on hand to test dishwasher; dishwasher repairman is in weekl to maintain equipment, doing good.

No critical violations. Notes: recheck dishwasher 165 degrees, new unit, excellent.

and Both had the same violation. Milk/grocery cooler guide doors need to be cleaned.

Five violations here including the following: Be sure knives are clean and sanitized before storage on the magnetic knife rack; do not store the ice scoop in the cooler used for ice; store plastic utensils in the containers so that all handles face the user; do not store bags or boxes of food on the floor in the walk-in freezer, this includes bags of ice which is a food; need visible thermometers where missing or misplaced.

Four violations here, which included the following: Soap dispenser for the employee hand sink in the small storage room does not work; keep wood shelf where some spices are stored clean and free of spilled spices; clean base and spit for the Hobart oven; clean and sanitize the manual can opener including the bit.

Inspection indicated the following violations, including two critical violations: bar floor needs to be sealed; ice machine needs to be cleaned and sanitized; clean food containers better, inside and out; clean backside of handle on the refrigerator; clean floor in beer cooler, also, piece of metal flooring needs to be fastened down; keep food containers off floor; need to have test strips available to test sanitizer in dishwasher. Temperature is good. Sanitizer? Re-inspected on Oct. 13: inspection included two critical violations: ice machine needs to be cleaned; clean food containers better inside; back side of refrigerator handles need to be cleaned; fix floor in beer refrigerator; test strips for dishwasher sanitizer, need daily log on dishwasher temperature and sanitizer; spoke to manager about bringing all violations into compliance in one week from today.


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