Restaurant Inspection Reports

The following restaurants and food establishments were inspected in May and June.

Editor's Note: The following statements are from Board of Health inspections of restaurants and food establishments in Milford. The reports are based on inspections of the businesses conducted in May and June.

Critical violations, where they are noted, are required to be fixed immediately to within 10 days, as specified by the Milford Board of Health.

Seven violations, including the following: a new ice scoop is needed and is to be protected from dust or dirt contamination during storage; need a thermometer for the stand alone freezer in the dry small dry goods storage room; need to clean the floor behind the main line cooking equipment; clean the exterior of the knife rack; and the chef is to wear a hair restraint when working with food.

: Violations included two critical violations [Editor's note: they were not specified in the report] Violations included: meat slicer needs to be cleaner, handwash sinks dirty, Traulson refrigerator needs to be cleaned, ice machine dirty. Keep daily temperature log and sanitizer ppm for dishwasher. Glass not clean. Silverware not clean. Bar dishwasher has no sanitizer. Bathrooms need disposable cover pads for changing stations. Ladies restroom neeeds handwash sign.

Bugabook Creek Steak House, 124 Medway Rd., May 11: Re-inspection found two critical violations and other violations. The report cited: three base sink needs to be cleaned, watch for cross-contamination on switchplates and door handles, ice machine still needs more work to side bin area. Critical violation: Diswasher in kitchen has no sanitizer. Sanitizer log needed for dishwasher, check daily. Critical violation: Do not thaw food at room temperature. Meat slicer needs to be cleaned better. Bar dishwasher good. Traulson refrigerator temperature good. Re-inspection for a second time on May 18: all violations corrected.

May 4: Re-inspected, no violations found.

No violations here. There is no longer any food prep here. The stove is not used and the dishwasher is no longer used. The only foods provided by the facility are pre-packed foods including snacks, crackers, and juice, and on occasion, cheese. Parents provide lunches and milk. There were no violations here but asked the person in charge to maintain the kitchen with as little as needed utensils and equipment, related due to the fact very little happens here and the less unnecessary items the better.

Violations here included the following. One food product left uncovered in the second walk-in cooler. Several food products left uncovered in teh first walk-in cooler. Do not store cutting board between sink faucet and the splash wall. Defrost the Frigidaire freezer. Label white barrel next to this same freezer with the food product it contains. Wire rack where dishes are stored needs some order restored to it, so that food-related equipment and utensils are stored away from the other food items. Two big single-burner units need the exteriors cleaned. Clean interior and exterior of the white microwave oven. And the bottom of a bar cooler used to store mixers needs to be cleaned due to liquid spills. A re-inspection is scheduled. Violations were corrected on May 16 re-inspection. 

Six violations here, in total, for two kitchens. One is the club's kitchen and one is for catering. Violations included the need for additional thermometers, clean the interior of the microwave, flood slicer is to be cleaned and sanitized after use; dispose of one cutting board due to exposed wood along the edges. Clean the top of the 10-burner stove top.

Three kitchens here with a total of three violations, which were: need for an additional thermometer in the main bar cooler where milk is stored; and not to leave the ice scoop in the ice in the same bar; and one cutting board needs to be discarded due to wear. One kitchen is used for catering, one is used for picnics and one is used maybe twice a year by the club. There was no food in any of the kitchens because it would only be for parties.

Two violations. Missing a side panel for the overhead vent/hood system and need paper towel to be available for the employee hand sink.

Seven violations here. Need to change or remove the paper liner on the wooden shelf in the basement dry goods storage room (food spills, rice). Close the gap between the back kitchen screen door and the kitchen floor. Clean the back wall of the 10-burner stove top. Need a thermometer for the three-door Superior cooler and clean the fan guards inside this same cooler. Clean and sanitize the manual can opener, need additional thermometers for the beer cooler and dessert cooler. Men's room toilet needs to be replaced due to wear. Cannot effectively clean and disinfect toilet seat.

Five violations here, which included the following. Some food products left partially uncovered in the walk-in freezer. Missing a thermometer for a small, two-door prep cooler. Bulk boxes of plastic utensils in a storage cabinet behind the customer service counter need to be covered while in storage. Do not store small ice scoop in the ice bin where ice cream is served, this will prevent contamination of ice with hands. Remove hand cloth from the handsink in this same area and make paper towel more convenient. Hand towel becomes soiled.

One critical violation [Editor's note: not specified in the report] Total violations cited: ice machine needs to be cleaned better. Meat slicer not cleaned properly. Can opener dirty. Kitchen floor needs to be painted and sealed. Shelf in cooking oven needs to be cleaned. Re-inspection on June 18: No violations remaining. Still getting bids and researching best solution for sealing the kitchen floor. Otherwise, everthing is good.

One critical violation [Editor's note: not specified in the report] Violations included: dishwasher needs to be cleaned on the outside. Brush or scraper located in the handwash sink, and the handwash sink, need to be cleaned. Boxes on floor in walk-in freezer. Sink in ladies' room is draining slow. Disposable pad for changing station needed.

Five violations here, which included the following. Keep all bulk boxes of plasticware in the back storage room covered during storage. There is a large ice buildup on the floor in the walk-in freezer that needs repair for the safety of the employees. Need a better storage method for the ice scoop for the ice machine. Currently, it is completely exposed to dust or dirt contamination. Tighten the faucet assembly for the employee hand sink next to the ice machine. And need to clean the very back areas of the grill area where the steel shelf part meets the wall and the bottom floor area meets the wall.

No violations here. Nine full aisles of food products, all pre-packaged foods. No food prep at all here, and no walk-in units in the back. Coolers and freezers contained various food items and were holding safe food temperatures in both the cooler and freezer.

Two violations here, which included the need to replace the manual can opener including the mounting plate due to a rust buildup.

Four violations here, including the following. Clean and sanitize container used to store the ice scoop. Need paper towel for the employee hand sink next to the convection oven. Cabinet door where "Boxes of Joe" are stored is broken and needs repair before it falls off, possibly injuring an employee. Need a thermometer for the single-door prep cooler next to the Coolatta machine.

: Need thermometer for the household-type refrigerator. Waffle machine needs to be cleaned. Store all plastic utensils so that handles face the user. Everything is sticky from the wire storage racks to the juice machine to the countertop to the floor.


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