Multi-family Inspections

Only 10 multi-family buildings in Milford — with between four and eight apartments — have not complied with town inspection requirements. Three owners have not responded to town letters.

The town's with the main focus being multi-family buildings.

The state building code requires a periodic inspection of every multi-family structure, and a "Certificate of Inspection" for those that pass.

Of the 121 multi-family buildings in Milford with between four and eight apartments, 111 building owners have returned application and fee, as required, Building Commissioner John Erickson reported this week, in a letter to Milford Selectmen.

Owners of the four properties with outstanding issues are working to correct the problems, Erickson wrote.

Of the 10 properties still outstanding, the town is trying to get the owners to respond to letters. For seven of those properties, the issue is the proper mailing address for the owner, and the town expects to hear from the owners soon.

Three property owners, however, have yet to reply to the town about their properties. Erickson identified the properties as:

319 Main St., owned by Lucimar DeOlivera of Church Street in Milford.

42 Green St., owned by Brian Frohn, of Washington Avenue in West Newton.

40 Jefferson St., owned by Maria Valenca, of Bear Hill Road in Milford.

The next focus of the town's Neighborhood Task Force will be inspecting multi-family buildings that have three units, and multi-family structures with more than eight units.

Applications for the certificate of inspection have been sent to these 49 property owners.

Kathy October 17, 2012 at 05:23 PM
Are their property taxes current? If so, they are getting town correspondence. Has anyone from the department spoken to the tenants and asked for the address where they send their rent checks? Follow the money, you'll find the owner or their management. Give a deadline and if no response by that time, inspect under Building Commissioner order. A year is more than enough time to comply.
Mary MacDonald October 17, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Hi Kathy, the document indicates these are the correct addresses, so the owners have been getting the documents, just not responding. If they fail to respond, they will not have a certificate of occupancy. I imagine their insurance would be affected at that point.
Mary MacDonald October 17, 2012 at 09:48 PM
Sorry, it's called a "Certificate of Inspection."


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