Milford School Kitchen Inspections

The Milford Board of Health inspects the school kitchens in Milford twice a year. These are the most recent reports.

Editor's Note: The following statements are from Board of Health inspections of public schools in Milford, and Milford Catholic Elementary School. The reports are based on inspections conducted in April, the most recent available.

: Six violations, including the following: boxes of "Kids Kookies" on the floor in the dry goods storage room. Three huge stainless steel bowls had some sort of debris in them (probably wood from the ceiling and people walking on upstairs storage area, person in charge states they are cleaned again before use.) Need a new system for storage of cutting board, instead of being stored in a wood rack. Bakers sink has two large cracks in it and will need to be replaced. Need better care of utensil storage in the bakers' utility drawer.

Two violations, including the following: one hood filter has fallen into the hood; need a thermometer for the ice cream chest freezer in the back storage room. The following equipment is not used: a potato peeler, a two-bay sink, food slicer, a fryer, one ice-cream freezer, equipment on a top shelf in the dry goods storage room including mixer attachments, kitchen floor mounted mixer, pizza oven, and equipment in one utility drawer. None of this equipment has been used in the past 20 years.

Three violations, which were the need for two additional thermometers, and change the paper liner for the storage rack.

One violation. Walk-in freezer door seal is defective and is allowing ice to form around the outer edge.

No violations. Nothing to find here.

Three violations. Hot water leaks at the handle at the two-bay sink when the water is turned on. Large, six-door freezer has a huge ice buildup inside one of the doors at the end, and a thermometer is needed for the single-door, True freezer just received from the Stacy school.

Three violations, which included the need to replace or clean a plastic tray in a steel utility drawer used to store utensils; this same drawer sticks and makes it difficult to maintain the safety of the stored equipment. Manitowoc two-door freezer has an ice buildup along the doors, due to a defect in the seals.

Jootty September 11, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Thank you Brookside you truly care for our childrens needs!! Deeply Appreciated!!


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