Milford Officials Release Preliminary Ballot for April Election

Candidates have until Feb. 27 to withdraw their names.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

The Milford Town Election will take place on Tuesday, April 1 this year, and officials in town have released the preliminary ballot. 

Candidates have until Feb. 27 to withdraw their names from the ballot, according to Milford Town Clerk Amy Neves. 

The preliminary ballot can be viewed as the attached PDF or seen below.

Town of Milford Annual 2014 Election Preliminary Ballot

Selectman (3 years; vote for one)

  • William D. Buckley (candidate for reelection) 

Town Clerk (3 years; vote for one)

  • Amy E. Hennessey Neves (candidate for reelection) 

Town Moderator (3 years; vote for one) 

  • Michael J. Noferi (candidate for reelection) 

Tax Collector (3 years; vote for one)

  • Melissa V. Alves-Tomas
  • Theresa M. Diomedes Dias

Highway Surveyor (3 years; vote for one)

  • Scott J. Crisafulli (candidate for reelection) 
  • Shelly A. Leclaire 

Board of Health (3 years; vote for one)

  • Leonard A. Izzo, Sr. (candidate for reelection) 

Board of Assessors (3 years; vote for one)

  • Joseph F. Niro (candidate for reelection) 

Board of Library Trustees (3 years; vote for no more than two)

  • George A. Clemens, Jr. (candidate for reelection) 
  • Kathryn L. Mastroianni (candidate for reelection) 
  • Scott A. Vecchiolla 

Park Commissioner (3 years; vote for one)

  • Paul J. Braza (candidate for reelection)

Planning Board (5 years; vote for one)

  • Joseph A. Calagione (candidate for reelection)

Sewer Commissioner (3 years; vote for one)

  • Thomas J. Morelli (candidate for reelection)

School Committee (3 years; vote for no more than two)

  • Joseph E. Callery
  • John W. Erickson
  • David Levine
  • Jennifer Parson

Housing Authority (5 years; vote for one)

  • Loriann M. Braza

Trustee of Vernon Grove Cemetery (3 years; vote for no more than two)

  • Jamie C. Luchini (candidate for reelection) 
  • Henry M. Shahnamian (candidate for reelection)

Tree Warden/Gypsy Moth Superintendent (3 years; vote for one)

  • Charles E. Reneau (candidate for reelection)


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