Milford Needs Election Workers

The combined state-town election date on April 30 means more "checkers" are needed.

Milford will need more election workers to help with a combined state and town election that will require two separate ballots.

These workers are needed just for the day — April 30 — and will earn a stipend of about $69.

The town needs "checkers," the election workers who check a voter's name against a list of registered voters, on the way in, and then again once they've voted, said Amy Hennessy Neves, the Milford town clerk.

The combined election date doesn't mean a combined ballot. Voters will have two ballots, the town election ballot and the special state election ballot, which is the primary ballot for candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.

So, the checkers will have to compare voters names on two different lists. According to Hennessy Neves, voters enrolled in any party designation other than Democrat, Republican, Green Rainbow and Unenrolled would not be eligible to vote in the state primary election. But they could vote in the town election.

And voters who have moved from Milford but still live in Massachusetts would not be eligible to vote in the town election, but they will be able to vote in the state primary election for up to six months after the move.

"We need more hands on deck," she said.

Hennessy Neves said she expects to need about 10 additional people, and will need to have them hired by April 20.

If interested, the work involves sitting down for most of the day. A high school diploma is not required. The only requirement is for people to be registered voters in Massachusetts.

If interested, please call Hennessy Neves at Milford Town Hall at 508-634-2307.


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