Milford FinCom Backs Milford Youth Center Renovations

The MYC has also started a petition to support the renovations.

Photo Credit: The Milford Youth Center
Photo Credit: The Milford Youth Center

The Milford Finance Committee this week unanimously voted to support an article in this year's Town Meeting Warrant that would allow for renovations to the Milford Youth Center, officials with MYC said. 

The center's staff has been working to ensure that its building, which is 103 years old, can be renovated. Voters will have a chance to approve the project at this year's Town Meeting on Monday, May 19 at Milford Town Hall. The renovations are detailed under Article 24 of the Town Meeting warrant, according to MYC

Meanwhile, the Milford Youth Center has started an online petition as it seeks support for the renovations. 

For more information, visit milfordyouthcenter.net.

MilfordMomof3 May 18, 2014 at 02:25 PM
I just want the town to make sure it is worth it. I know the MYC boasts it helps X amount of kids. My own children have utilized the program, I am no stranger to it. Really though, the same group of kids are the regulars. The MYC has a reputation also as a place you do not want your kids hanging around. I hear from so many parents(I have a middle school student), that they lack supervision and generally it is the "bad" kids there. I hope the town checks into the actual enrollment daily(not the camp/special program kids being counted in." I just can't justify $5m+ being spent on 300 kids in town.
Emily Giacomuzzi May 18, 2014 at 04:06 PM
Thats 300 kids, who have a safe place to go, and aren't getting in trouble. My son goes sometimes and he is far from a bad kid. My daughter participated in a JAG fundraiser there last night as well. Also not a bad kid. I know some kids that go there have gotten in trouble in their lives, but they choose to go there and stay out of trouble. Spend some time there, volunteer, you will see it is a good option for these kids. Without it there will be 300 bored kids with no place to go after school, and that will lead to trouble. Also my daughters cheer has practiced there on rain days, what about the town programs that utilize that space?
Emily Giacomuzzi May 18, 2014 at 04:09 PM
Also the children have to scan in and out. That is where the numbers are coming from. And they should count the summer camp kids, my son is one of those kids, as well as a friend of mines son (who is honor roll and excedingly well behaved)
Shannon Pataky May 19, 2014 at 07:58 AM
Well said Emily. I have volunteered my time with many youth groups in the 4 short years my children have been attending Milford schools, and every single one of them has used the youth center as a venue for one reason or another. My last visit to MYC was for the Cub Scouts District Pinewood Derby. I must admit, having kids from towns around the state come to race with our Cub's was pretty fun, but looking around, a bad reflection of what that building does for this town. And Milfordmomof3, I was a "bad" kid growing up. I would have LOVED to have had the support of people who WANTED to make a difference in my life. Your posts have only encouraged me to offer more support to the center.
Emily Giacomuzzi May 19, 2014 at 08:55 AM
Shannon I will be attending tonights meeting if you would like to meet up :)


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