Milford 2014 Candidate Profile: David Levine, Milford School Committee

Get a deeper look at who's running in this year's contested races for the Milford Town Election.

Credit: David Levine
Credit: David Levine

Editor's Note: The following profile is part of a series highlighting the candidates running for seats in contested races as part of this year's town election, which takes place on Tuesday, April 1. Milford Patch has reached out to all candidates in the contested races to showcase why they're running and what they hope to bring to the board. Check back leading up to the election for more profiles on the candidates.

David Levine is running for the Milford School Committee along with Joseph E. CalleryJohn W. Erickson and Jennifer Parson. For the full preliminary ballot for this year's election, click here.

Why are you running for the Milford School Committee?

As a home owner I have a vested interest in Milford's well being. So since it's my belief that a successful school system is a major impetus to a town's economy I feel the role is important enough for me to contribute my skill set to ensure that the school district continues on its path to excellence. 

What do you hope to accomplish on the committee? 

Working with the committee members, superintendent, and administrators I would like to re-evaluate current goals, policies, and initiatives so to ensure we are addressing our drop-out rate by implementing well-rounded curriculum and educational tools, fostering an engaging and safe learning atmosphere for students and faculty in all grades, maintaining an effective and efficient student data profile so to focus on a child's progression.  

What do you see is the most pressing issue facing Milford right now in relation to the seat for which you're running?  

The budget impact of both the Common Core State Initiative as well as the new Woodland School going on-line coupled with Middle School East not housing eighth grade will have.

What do you think you could do to help resolve this issue?   

Although resolving these issues will need to be a collaborative effort, I believe my ability to analyze, gather facts and create budgets by thinking out of the box, such as cross district cost sharing, would be valuable. 

Name one unique idea you would like to bring to the table if elected in April. 

Once again focusing on goals, I would like the committee to establish a standard SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis for each goal so that it gives every stakeholder the opportunity to meet their objective. 

What is one thing voters might not know about you?

Although I'm an open book to friends and family, people may not know that my driving direction sense is so bad that even my GPS gets mad at me.

Raymond Fellows March 25, 2014 at 02:02 AM
The Patch missed the most crucial question, does Mr. Levine have children in this school district. That is the biggest vested interest you could have when running for this position. We all care about our taxes but I think it is important that the school committee members have or have had students in the Milford program.
Goat wood ruin March 25, 2014 at 09:06 AM
Mr. Fellows. I have two daughters one of which graduated in 2013 and one who is in the 10th grade. I would agree that the children is the biggest vested interest but it's not just my children it's all the students in the school district. I would hope the other candidates are not running for only their children.
George March 25, 2014 at 10:10 AM
It is a limited and parochial view to think that someone must have kids in the Milford school district to be an effective school committee member. It might be a bigger asset to have had kids in a different school system. It might be a bigger asset to be motivated by something other than concern about one's own children. It might be a bigger asset to have someone new to the situation who just doesn't accept the status quo and who has the ability to ask why do we do it that way? Have we considered doing it this way instead?


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