Medical Marijuana Zoning Considered

The Planning Board on Tuesday will discuss a proposal to limit medical marijuana dispensaries to two industrial zones.

Medical marijuana treatment centers, authorized by Massachusetts voters in November, would be limited to two industrial zones in Milford, under a proposal to be discussed for the first time Tuesday.

The industrial B and C zones run along Fortune Boulevard, Beaver Street, Maple Street and Industrial Drive, said town Planner Larry Dunkin.

The proposed zoning amendment would also require a 200 foot setback from residential zones, schools, churches, parks, playgrounds or youth centers, under the draft.

The Planning Board on Tuesday will discuss the proposal for the first time. After suggesting changes, a public hearing would be scheduled. Any vote to adopt the zoning amendment will require a two-thirds approval of Town Meeting representatives, which means the earliest a zoning change could be approved would be this spring.

Across Massachusetts, towns are scrambling to devise zoning restrictions for the medical marijuana dispensaries.

In Milford, 7,514 voters picked "yes" on Question 3, which authorized medical marijuana and the treatment centers. Voting against were 4,829 townspeople.


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