Legislation Creating an Appointed Milford Treasurer Reaches Governor's Desk

Town Meeting approved the proposed change in September.

Milford Town Hall. Credit: Mary MacDonald
Milford Town Hall. Credit: Mary MacDonald
Legislation that would create an appointed Milford Town Treasurer position, rather than an elected position, was approved Monday by both the Senate and the House.
The legislation now heads to Gov. Deval Patrick for a required signature, said state Sen. Richard Moore and state Rep. John Fernandes, in a press release.

"I was pleased to join with Rep. Fernandes in seeking expeditious passage of this bill so that Milford may move forward with appointing a new Treasurer, in accordance with the decision of the Milford Town Meeting," said Moore (D-Uxbridge), in the release. "This is just one example of the work the Legislature does even though neither the Senate nor the House is meeting in formal sessions [during which debate is conducted and roll call votes are taken] until the beginning of the New Year."

Said Fernandes (D-Milford): "I am pleased that the Senator and I were able to respond rapidly to the Milford Town Meeting decision to move the Town Treasurer's position from elected to appointed. This matter could not wait given that the election season is just around the corner. We will request a swift review by the Governor's staff in the hope of immediate approval by his office as well."

The Milford Town Meeting on Sept. 21 voted to request special legislation that would change the town treasurer position from elected to appointed.

The change first was sought by Milford Selectmen Brian Murray and Dino DeBartolomeis, who cited the experience needed in a Town Treasurer. Selectman Bill Buckley, the current chairman, voted against the proposed change, saying the town had a history of electing competent people to the position.
MikeS December 03, 2013 at 02:40 PM
If Dino likes to leave decisions up to the voters of Milford, then why does he want this to be an appointed position? He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He was in favor of the casino and it had nothing to do with voices being heard. In this case, he must have another relative he needs to appoint to something.
Gun Rights December 03, 2013 at 04:49 PM
Dino is a career politician that never got a promotion (thankfully). Deception and spin just comes naturally to him. Just try to remember this when he is up for re-election.


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