Jonathan Bruce Withdraws from Treasurer Race

Jonathan Bruce, a former School Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals member, has withdrawn his candidacy for town Treasurer.

The three-way race for town treasurer has become a two-way contest.

Jonathan Bruce withdrew his candidacy on Tuesday, said Milford Town Clerk Amy Hennessey Neves. 

Bruce, the former chairman of the Milford School Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals,

Last night,  Auger had been among the five finalists.

Milford Selectmen also voted Monday night to move the town election to April 30, to combine it with the state primary election for the vacant U.S. Senate seat.

Bruce said he never had any intention of running against Auger. "She does a fine job, a wonderful job as treasurer," Bruce said. "I support her candidacy in full."

Auger, town treasurer for the past 16 years, previously worked for 18 years in corporate positions, including at EMC Corp. in Hopkinton, and companies in Natick and Cambridge.

Soares, who recently moved back to Milford, is a field service engineer with Ventana Medical Systems. He also is running this year for Town Meeting member.

Babs01757 February 27, 2013 at 06:26 PM
So let me get this straight... Richard Villani, Dino's second cousin was selected Town administrator out of the five final candidates... Barbara Auger one of the five final candidates, was also running for Town Treasurer (a position she has held for 16 years). Fearing Ms. Auger may actually be selected Town administrator Jonathan Bruce threw his hat into the running for Town Treasurer in the event that Ms. Auger was appointed town administrator and therefore preventing new comer Michael Sores from running unopposed. Ms. Auger did not get the Town Administrator position, and she will remain a candidate for the Town Treasurer. So now Mr. Bruce has withdrawn his candidacy for the position of Town Treasurer position because "had entered the race to run against Michael Soares, in the event that incumbent Treasurer Barbara Auger was appointed town administrator". Boy this sounds like Milford's backroom deal making at its finest. Had Ms. Auger been given the Town Administrator position then Mr. Bruce would have continued to run for Town Treasurer even though his real intention for running was to preven Mr. Soares from being elected. Milford will never change. It's all about who you are related to and who you know. I don't even know why we bother to have a selection process or elections. We so desperately need new people with new ideas to turn this town around but the Good Ole Milfordian club would never let that happen. They would rather see the town destroyed.
Tony February 27, 2013 at 08:23 PM
Long rambling paragraph


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