In Foxborough, a Competing Casino Gets a 'No' From Selectmen

Milford Selectmen last summer voted 2-1 to agree to negotiate exclusively with David Nunes, who hopes to gain state permission to build a casino at Interstate 495 and Route 16. Foxborough Selectmen voted 3-2 Tuesday to reject negotiations with a developer

A casino proposal that could potentially compete with one in Milford has a new obstacle. Selectmen in that town voted 3-2 to refuse to negotiate with a developer who wants to build a casino near Gillette Stadium.

In Milford, last summer, selectmen voted 2-1 to agree to negotiate exclusively with wants state permission for a casino off Interstate 495, near Route 16.

The exclusivity contract does not bind Milford to saying yes to a casino. But it does tie the town to negotiating with Nunes, rather than a competing developer. Selectman Bill Buckley voted against the agreement, saying he felt it offered the town no advantage. The town received $60,000 from Nunes, as partial payment for town research into a casino proposal.

No proposal has been introduced as of yet in Milford. Any proposal would have to get approval from the town selectmen, a license from a five-member state gaming commission set up to evaluate casino proposals and approval from Milford voters in a referendum.

In Foxborough, according to the Boston Globe, town selectmen were under intense public pressure to reject working with the casino developers.

authorized up to three Vegas-style casinos in Massachusetts, including one for the region from Worcester to Boston that would include both Foxborough and Milford.

Teena Berry December 29, 2011 at 09:03 PM
I sincerely hope that the selectmen are not even thinking about a casino in Milford. It would be the ruination of this town as we know it. Or perhaps I should say as we knew it.


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