Slow Going on Main Street

Milford motorists and pedestrians made their way, slowly, through a Main Street under construction this week.

Contractors plan to work into Friday night, hoping to finish the removal and grinding of asphalt on Main Street, preparing for repaving.

The work began Thursday, a day later than initially expected. The process involves stripping down the asphalt several inches. A large machine is moving slowly up and down Main Street in sections, removing the asphalt and grinding it up, before shooting it out into a container truck.

Construction workers in smaller Bobcats are scooping up what falls into the street.

Traffic is being stopped for several minutes at a time to allow this work to continue. The process is expected to be completed Friday night. The contractor, PA Landers, will then determine what days traffic will be affected starting next week for repaving.

The $2.9 million state project includes new sidewalk crossings to meet current disability requirements, new crossing lights, new stop lights, and will include the new paving from Beach Street to Water Street. The work is expected to be completed next spring, according to the state Department of Transportation.

The turn lanes were taken to make up for new road width standards, according to the town engineer.

Businesses along Main Street are Those that have rear access parking have asked customers to avoid Main Street. Other businesses are relying on the town's free lots.

The ongoing construction has dampened business at several shops and restaurants, owners said this week, but they said they were trying to make the best of it.


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