Health Inspections of Restaurants

The following inspection reports of Milford restaurants, schools and other food serving establishments were completed in March and April. More recent inspections will be published Friday and Monday.

Editor's Note: The following statements are from Board of Health inspections of restaurants and food establishments in Milford. The reports are based on inspections of the businesses conducted in March and April.

Critical violations, where they are noted, are required to be fixed immediately to within 10 days, as specified by the Milford Board of Health. In one case, Sabor Latino, the initial inspection resulted in a temporary closure.

Recent inspections showed eight violations. These included the following: Keep bags of food products closed tightly in the rear storage room; need paper towel for the employee hand sink; need to clean the cooling unit and fan guards in the walk-in cooler. Knives must be clean and sanitized before storage in the knife holder. Manual can opener including the bit needs to be clean and sanitized. Cover and label pails of food products stored in the unused two-door cooler. Ceiling tiles in the back storage room, where they are stained or damaged. Restaurant has storage everywhere throughout the restaurant. Need to get a handle on this as best as possible. A re-inspection is scheduled. Re-inspected and found all violations corrected. Ceiling tile damage due to leak in pipes and will be repaired by the property owner. Storage violation has made progress. (Limited by space.)

Two violations. Knives are to be clean and sanitized before storage in the knife rack (lettuce on the blade). Marlite walls around the pizza prep area are becoming soiled and need attention.

Violations here included the following with one critical violation. Need soap and towel for the employee handsink next to the dishwashing area. Clean exterior of the microwave oven next to this same handsink. Grease for one fryer needs to be changed. Clean floor area under the wok stations due to food spill stains, food debris and empty boxes and containers. Better maintenance care and organization of back room, where food and other items are stored. Cover foods, clean the exterior, door guides and vent area of "True" two-door, glass cooler. Need visible thermometers for the walk-in freezer, and three-door prep cooler. Rear screen door is torn (duct tape is not an acceptable repair). Floor areas not being cleaned in and around equipment edges, corners, etc... only being done in easy-to-reach areas. Floor in the bar area needs to be cleaned. No soap for the ladies restroom and no paper towel for the men's room. Critical violation involved white pail of chicken left out at room temperature too long and had a temperature of 65 to 70 degrees. This food was disposed of. A re-inspection is scheduled. Re-inspected on April 4 and noted violations corrected. Still has to keep up and maintain violations that involve floor cleaning and back room dry goods storage, and he will remove foil lining in utility drawers as this gives a false impression of cleanliness.

with one to be corrected by an outside contractor (a violation regarding splash guards). This will be corrected by 3-17. Higher splash guards installed, verified on 3-23. Previous smaller splash guard installed on another employee hand sink in a salad prep room.

There were four violations here, all corrected during the inspection. Open bag of pasta inside a box in the dry goods storage racks. Clean fan guards in True two-door cooler. Do not store food strainer in contact with glove pot holders. One container of spice not capped.

No violations here. All pre-packed (bottled jars, boxes, bags, etc...) of specialty foods limited to two aisles and an end-cap. Nothing expired, damaged or torn.

Sabor Latino, 126 Main St., March 28: Twelve violations, including one critical violation. Clean interior of Sandwichmaster microwave oven. Need a visible thermometer for the Kelvinator commercial freezer. Clean the base and defrost around the fan guard. Cover foods in Kelvinator commercial and install a visible thermometer. Clean the area of the window in the kitchen and the heating unit below. Defrost three-door chest freezer and install a thermometer. Continue cleaning the six-burner stove top and interior of the oven. Do not store cutting boards between the sink faucet and the splash wall at the three-bay sink. Floors to be cleaned, including the stove area in between, in front and sides. Do not store ice scoop in the ice in the Ice-Matic Machine. Store food service utensils with the handles facing the user (in the stainless stell container next to the chest freezer). Section of the floor next to the ice machine needs to be repaired. Critical violation involved observing a live cockroach on the wall next to the blenders. This caused the restaurant to be temporarily closed by the Health Inspector, after consulting with the Health Officer. A pest control company was immediately called and service call was done the next morning. After review of the pest control report and noting all the violations were corrected overnight, and a very visibile difference was noted, the restaurant was allowed to reopen the next day. Restaurant was closed from approx. 3:30 the day of the inspection until 11 a.m. the next morning. Re-inspection was scheduled for the next day, March 29.

: Inspected and noted the following seven violations. The floor area in the back, near the sink, is in need of replacement or effective repair. Clean fan guard inside the walk-in cooler. Food slicer is to be broken down, cleaned and sanitized. The surrounding area where this machine is located needs to be cleaned and maintained. The window above this area is to be repaired and surrounding surfaces cleaned. Utensils are to be cleaned and sanitized before storage on the wire racks (later found out that this food on equipment was actually a part of preparation of a food product). do not store soiled aprons in the bowl for the floor mixer with the dough hook. The owner, Cesar, is to wear a hair restraint when working with food. A re-inspection is scheduled. Re-inspected on April 9 and found violations corrected. Window violation currently under repair and will be done, presumably tomorrow. Window has been repaired.

There were five violations here. Need a thermometer for the household type refrigerator. Clean interior of Imperial Ovens, due to burnt, stuck-on food debris. The edge, or the wall, where there is a slight shelf next to the oven needs to be cleaned. Utensils cannot be stored so that they are in contact with a bare wall surface. Put a thermometer in the bar area, keg cooler, due to juice storage.

Five violations, including the following: A visible thermometer is needed for the walk-in cooler and freezer. Need a safer, more sanitary method of drying bread forms. Floor area under the bread oven needs to be cleaned. Men's room toilet needs cleaning and disinfecting.

Three violations. Bag of onions cannot be left (stored) on the floor in the dry goods storage area. Do not store plastic lids/covers in a cardboard container as this cannot be cleaned or santized in order to provide a safe environment for these items. Food product packets (condiments) under the employee hand-sink storage area.

Violations here included the following: In the area where pots, pans, equipment, utensils are stored, it is necessary to keep just what is needed in order to better maintain and manage this area. Wall behind the two-bay sink is in need of repair due to holes and loose paint. Hand-sink has to be available for use and clean and disinfected, and equipped with soap and paper towels. Interior and walls of the two-door prep cooler needs to be cleaned. Overhead ceiling lights need protection from breakage. Change paper liner or clean the area behind the customer service area. Maintain Dumpster area due to the closeness of the homes. A re-inspection is scheduled. Kitchen is tiny and suffers from difficult organization. Re-inspected on April 26 and noted violations were corrected. Need more work done on the grates in the two-door cooler. Hand sink needs to be available for work. (Currently blocked by a butcher block table). Need plastic shields for an overhead light. Reviewed this with his son, Dan. Will check again on Tuesday. He is closed on Monday and closed early Tuesday. I will check again Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. All violations corrected.

Eight violations here which were as follows. Do not store bag of onions in the dishwashing area. Two hamburger patties left on top of a cardboard box in the walk-in freezer. Both were disposed of. Interior and exterior of the Lang convection oven needs to be cleaned. Need a thermometer for the new single-door, salad prep cooler. Floor area under the fryers needs to be cleaned due to food and grease residue. One sink in the men's room does not work and the men's room needs general cleaning and disinfecting. One set of overhead lights not covered above the customer service counter. The ice machine is held together with bungee cords. This needs to be repaired correctly. A re-inspection is scheduled. Re-inspected on April 24 and noted all but one violation corrected. Violation regarding the ice machine is still open and needs proper repair. Service call was placed, again, during the re-inspection. Asked the manager to keep me informed with her progress.

: Five violations here, including the following. Two foods not covered in the walk-in cooler. One food product not covered in the two-door cooler (meatloaf). A thermometer is needed for this same cooler. One food strainer disposed of due to damage. Bottom of the convection oven (base) needs to be cleaned. This is the lower convection oven of the two.

: At this location, six violations. A pan of chicken tenders left uncovered in a walk-in cooler. Boxes of food products were not covered completely in the same unit. Two pans of food product left uncovered in the walk-in cooler. Spices need to be kept covered when stored on the rack. Bulk boxes of plastic utensils need to be kept covered in the service section of this kitchen when not in use. Need to mount the soap dispenser and repair a water leak for the hand sink for the employee use, at the deli section of the cafe.

Eleven violations, which included one critical violation. Food products in bags (rice) cannot be stored on the floor. Dry goods pantry area needs cleaning and organizing in order to protect food products and equipment. Both ovens need the interiors cleaned, due to blackened, burnt-on food debris. Need hand soap for employee hand sink. Clean the exterior of the knife rack including the slots. One cutting board is broken and needs to be discarded. Store utensils in the white bucket with handles facing the user. Do not store anything in the bowl for the floor-mounted mixer. Need to clean and disinfect customer restroom toilet. Floor needs to be cleaned especially in hard-to-reach areas. The critical violation involved the lack of a sanitizing agent for the dish detergent for the dishwasher. This will be corrected tomorrow. A full re-inspection is scheduled in one week. Critical violation corrected on April 24, now have chlorinated dish-machine detergent. Final re-inspection scheduled for next Monday. Re-inspected on April 30 and found all violations were corrected.

Nine violations here, mostly involving missing thermometers. Other violations included bacon left uncovered in the walk-in cooler. Missing a ceiling light cover in the dry goods storage area. Oil for one fryer needs to be changed. Ladies restroom toilets (2) need to be cleaned and disinfected. Re-inspected on May 3. Thermometers are on order, which accounts for four of the violations. Manager will contact me next week when they are in place. Also, still need additional people certified in CPR, or choke-saving and allergy cert.

Three violations, which include the need to cover plastic utensils while in storage. Not to use a cardboard (paper) type of container to store utensils and to clean plastic trays in one drawer used to store silverware.

: Two violations. Need to keep two hot foods covered. Keep dining room tables clean.


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