Health Inspections of Restaurants

The following inspection reports of Milford restaurants were completed in March and April.

Editor's Note: The following statements are from Board of Health inspections of restaurants and food establishments in Milford. The reports are based on inspections of the businesses conducted in March and April.

Critical violations, where they are noted, are required to be fixed immediately to within 10 days, as specified by the Milford Board of Health.

March 2: Eleven violations, including the following: need to repair and clean the floor in the walk-in cooler; clean the interior of the oven; store utensils in the silver bucket so that handles are facing the user; area of three-bay sink needs to be cleaned; organize soap and paper towel supplied to the hand wash sink; utensils cleaned, sanitized and stored safely; ice scoop is to be stored in a clean and sanitary way and not left out exposed to dust or dirt contamination; replace and or repair ceiling where it is damaged; floor for the kitchen needs a good scrubbing and tile repaired where needed; one cutting board is to be disposed of due to excessive wear and deep knife marks; clean interior of large microwave oven. A critical violation involved the dishwasher needing a chemical cleaning agent. A reinspection is scheduled to verify critical violation corrected.

March 5: Five violations, including the following: One knife in the knife rack had some food debris on the knife blade; one food strainer heavily damaged and food debris stuck in it and was disposed of; cover foods in small, two-door prep freezer in main line area; make sure nothing is blocking accessibility of the hand wash sink in the main line area; one food item left uncovered in main line, three-door prep cooler.

March 9: Ten violations, including the following: in the outside walk-in cooler, foods were left uncovered and bags of food (onions and potatoes) stored on the floor; need a thermometer in the outside walk-in freezer; the 22 and 6 burner stove top needs a good scrubbing right down the line; several foods in the Pepsi cooler were left uncovered; need higher stainless steel splash guards for the prep sink located right in betweeen two prep areas, to avoid splash over, this is right across from the main line; exteriors and, more importantly, the interiors of the convection ovens need to be cleaned; the Big Two burner stovetop needs to be scrubbed; knives in the knife rack next to the three-bay sink need to be cleaned and sanitized before storage in the knife rack; need a thermometer in the walk-in keg cooler; need better maintenance of the dishwashing area, as all clean and sanitized equipment and utensils are in close proximity to the dish machine and three-bay sink. A re-inspection is scheduled.

March 30: Three critical violations: two refrigerators by handwash sink not cold enough; no paper towels in the bathroom; and water pitcher in the handwash sink is blocking access. Other violations cited in the inspection report: ice machine clean on outside; shelves for serviceware need to be cleaned; vegetables kept in bathroom in boxes; clean wall at right side, end of hood; deli refrigerator not cold enough, discovered unit was not turned on this a.m.; No food in unit overnight. Rechecked and temperature is dropping; dishwasher not hot enough; place dishes in sink with sanitizer; clean deli refrigerator across from fryers, scrape cutting boards then wash and sanitize. Reinspected April 6 and all violations were resolved.

March 30: Five critical violations: dishwasher temperature 140 degrees, no sanitizer; Coca-cola refrigerator not cold enough, at 50 degrees, all food must be thrown out; bar dishwasher no sanitizer detected; ice machine dirty, shut down machine, clean and sanitize, throw out all ice; upstairs dishwasher no sanitizer. Other violations described in the report: handwash station paper towel dispenser dirty, handwash sign needed, handwash sink needs to be sealed to the wall, handwash sink dirty; Delfied refrigerator temperature needs to be colder, 46 degrees lower to 41 degrees; hoods need to be professionally cleaned; mold growth behind dishwaster, grout in the floor in dishwasher area is missing, regrout floor; three-base sink dirty; seal bare wood on shelf in dishwasher area; soda gun in bar area dirty, yeast growth; handwash signs needed in bathrooms; beer walk-in cooler has yeast growth on walls and ceiling, needs to be shut down and cleaned and sanitized; allergy posting on menus; clean back of handles on refrigerator in pizza area; throw out red cutting board, scrape all cutting boards as needed, then wash and sanitize; upstairs area meat slicer not clean, food contact surfaces clean and sanitize; keep food containers off floor in walk-in; hood needs to be cleaned; clean door on walk-in upstairs. Reinspected on April 6, one violation remaining; Reinspected on April 27, no violations remaining.

April 6: No critical violations; need allergy posting on menu.

, April 6: No critical violations; pizza oven door for cleaning, watch cross-contamination on refrigerator door handles.

, April 6: One critical violation [Editor's note, unspecified in report]. Violations described in the report: clean ice machines more frquently; one soda gun in bar at far end is not clean; meat slicer not cleaned after final use last night; no food prep at the time of inspection.

April 6: One critical violation [Editor's note, unspecified in report.] Violations described in report: old leak in ceiling in food prep area over oven, needs repair; dishwasher low temperature 129 degrees, sanitizer none; ice machine downstairs needs to be cleaned better; keep a daily log on dishwasher for temperature and sanitizer. Reinspected April 20, no remaining violations.

April 6: One critical violation, which was: keep food containers off floor in walk-in. Other violations described in the report: clean knives in holder; clean fan guards in walk-in; clean fan guard in the ladies' room; both bathrooms need handwash signs; clean ovens in kitchen; ice machine needs more cleaning and change hose; clean True freezer in back room; cover fryer at night with flat pan; run silverware through dishwasher again to remove stains.

April 6: Four critical violations, which included: no sanitizer on line during food prep, scrape cutting board and sanitize; need handwash sign in bathrooms. Other violations described in the report: Food uncovered in walk-in, food containers on floor; raw chicken stacked up on table and against wall of walk-in, discard all chicken touching the wall of the walk-in; Found second container of chicken on floor; clean up spilled rice on floor in hall and clean used oil containers; handwash sink blocked, need paper towels and handwash. Reinspection on April 13, violations described: food containers still on the floor, need to correct, spilled rice and oil still on the floor, need to correct; all other issues corrected. Note from the inspector: "owner will correct remaining issues."

Eva's Restaurant, 55 Water St., April 6: One critical violation: hot holding temperature not hot enough, needs to be 140 degrees minimum. Other violations described in the report: clean ceiling vent in kitchen; need sanitizer out during food service; walk-in refrigerator 48 degrees, needs to bring down to 41 degrees. Some food uncovered; cut lettuce and tomatoes left on cutting board should be put in refrigerator if no one is working on it; Toilet seat does not fit properly. Re-inspection on April 13, found one critical violation remaining: walk-in refrigerator not cold enough at 46 degrees. Other issues: ceiling vents not clean, toilet seat. Hot holding temperature is resolved, and sanitizer now out during food prep. Note from inspector William Fisher: "Explained to mgr she needs to correct issues right away."

., April 6: Two critical violations, which were: food contact surfaces need to be cleaned more frequently, and food mixer needs to be cleaned. Other violations described in the report: meat slicer is dirty; bathroom needs handwash sign and paper towels; clean shelves under grill. Reinspection on April 13, no remaining violations.

April 13: Two critical violations, which were: dishwasher low temperature, no sanitizer, place dishes in sink with bleach, 50-100 ppm, for 10 minutes after washing in dishwasher; refrigerator beverage air not cold enough. Other violations described in the report: Allergy awareness post, required, new menu in May will have posting; cross-contamination on outside of Kenmore refrigerator, needs to be cleaned; clean handles on Glenco freezer; milk dispenser dirty under bottom by dispenser; no sanitizer online during food service; glasses lots of water spots, not looking clean; clean shelf in food prep area; handwash sign needed in men's bathroom.

April 13: One critical violation, which was: ice machine downstairs needs to be shut down, all ice thrown out and machine cleaned and sanitized. Other violations described in the report: hoods need to be cleaned; meat slicer not cleaned after use; beer cooler walk-in has growth of fungus on ceiling.

April 13: Six critical violations, resulting in a temporary closure of the restaurant until it could be cleaned to meet sufficient standards for serving food. [Editor's note: the six critical violations were not marked] All of the violations described in the report: ice machine filthy, dump all ice, clean and sanitize completely; clean walk-in refrigerator; clean floor by water heater; clean floor by ice machine; clean light switch; clean hood grates and wall; handwash sink dirty; clean stove and surrounding area; no sanitizer on line; clean deli refrigerator, top and bottom; food contact surfaces; stoves dirty; sinks dirty; run glasses through the dishwasher again; cutting boards need to be scraped and sanitized; clean ice holder in bar area; unsanitary practices, many; allergy awareness posting on menus needed; clean floor in front of walk-in; clean shelves throughout kitchen; clean bottom of the beer cooler. Note from inspector William Fisher: "Informed owner that he is closed until Board of Health returns for an inspection." Inspector Fisher returned at 5 p.m. April 13 and noted "A lot of cleaning was completed. Facility meets acceptable sanitation level to serve food. OK to reopen." Re-inspected April 27, "all areas corrected" Note from inspector Fisher: "Spoke with owner about maintaining proper sanitary standards."

Tracy May 11, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Yeah ~ Garden Pizza ~ Love it there...
Dan Bickus May 11, 2012 at 04:21 PM
what about the other restaurants in town? List doesn't seem complete
Mary MacDonald May 11, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Hi Dan, These were the inspections conducted through April. I will post them as they come in in the months to come...
Brian May 13, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Inspector, good job. Patch, thanks for reporting
Ron Parsons July 10, 2012 at 09:54 PM
There are numerous solutions to prevent slime in ice machines. The best solution, and one that is not too expensive, is to use a product manufactured by BioZone Scientific International that they call IceZone. This company also makes the Luminice ice machine sanitation system that Manitowoc sells. IceZone is chemical-free, and has been tested by 3rd party independent labs to inhibit growth of slime. If a restaurant cannot find the time to clean their ice machine to prevent slime, they should install an IceZone!


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