Health Inspections: Burger King, Adirondack Smoke House, ALDI Supermarket and More

The following health inspections of restaurants and food serving places were conducted in January.

Editor's Note: the following statements are from health inspection report summaries of restaurants, prepared by the Milford Board of Health.

Recent inspection revealed four violations. In a rear storage room, a hole in the wall needs to be repaired; fryer baskets cannot be stored on top of cardboard boxes as this is not a safe, sanitary location or method of storage; and need additional thermometers where missing or not visible.

Four violations here, which included the need for an additional thermometer, the floor under the rack where flour is stored needs to be cleaned to the wall, and the wall to floor surface area next to the Cutler oven needs a good cleaning. The perimeter of the floor against the baseboard on the employee side of teh customer service area needs to be cleaned. A re-inspection is scheduled. Re-inspected on Jan. 14 and found all violations corrected.

Five violations here. Store pots and pans upside down in order to keep from collecting dust or dirt. Need additional thermometers wehre missing or not visible. The base of the lower convection oven needs to be cleaned (interior), and gasket for the reach-thru cooler needs to be repaired.

Two violations here. Clean interior of the convection oven and the interior of the microwave oven.

One violation. Bag of onions and a cardboard box of food stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler.

One violation here. Need to label the white barrel with the food contents contained in the barrel.

Tienda Latina, 95 E. Main St., Jan. 15: No violations.

Three violations here. Need additional thermometers and store in general needs better upkeep and maintenance with too many items either not related to the store or not sold in the store. A re-inspection is scheduled. Violations have been corrected.

Two violations here. Bags of rice cannot be stored on the floor and need additional visible thermometers where missing or absent.

Alternativa Eimard Express, 140 Main St., Suite 7, Jan. 17: Violations here included the need for thermometers in two chest freezers and bags of rice cannot be stored on the floor.

Two violations here. Food scoop needs to be protected during storage and plastic knives need to be stored with the handles facing the user.

Two violations. Need to clean the interior of the Baxter oven and store plastic knives so that handles are presented to the user.

 Three violations. Water leak at the employee hand sink in the back kitchen, ice buildup on the floor in the walk-in freezer (Scheduled for repair tomorrow), and food in prep cooler is to be covered during slow times.

One vioaltion. Need independent thermometers in the customer self-service display cases.

Four violations here, which were the need to keep the blue plastic containers used to store plastic utensils clean; a safer, more effective method of storing the ice scoop; sink faucet at the employee hand sink next to the ice machine is loose, and cutting surfaces (four) for the prep cooler are in need of eventual replacement. 

An inspection at this facility indicated nine violations. These violations included the following: do not store knives between pipes and walls above the three-bay sink; food service utensils and equipment on the table with the microwave are to be stored safely and sanitized and not on cloth; missing cover for the wall-mounted electrical panel; bag of onions cannot be stored on the floor; band saw is to be broken down as much as it can be and sanitized, including the saw, which at the time of the inspection had food debris on it; knives in the knife rack are to be clean and sanitized before storage in the knife rack; areas of the floor are in need of repair due to stains, damaged tile, etc.; and clutter above the walk-in cooler is to be removed. A re-inspection is scheduled.

Tracy January 31, 2013 at 12:32 PM
What are all these Main st places? Acougue Vale and E. Variedades? are they stores or restaurants?
Mary MacDonald January 31, 2013 at 12:50 PM
Hi Tracy, E. Variedades is a store, but sells food. And Acougue Vale is a meat market and store. Both opened on Main Street in the past few years. The Health inspectors visit any business that sells food, including convenience stores.


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