Health Inspections: Bugaboo Creek, Casa Brasil, Garden Pizza, Friendly's

The following health inspection reports were submitted by Board of Health inspectors.

Editor's Note: the following statements are from health inspection reports submitted in December, January and February.

two critical violations: changing stations in the bathrooms need disposable pads at all times; handwash station in the kitchen, no paper towels; beer mug glasses have a lot of water and mineral spots. They have spoken to Eco Lab about this. Inspector will have them pre-wash with brush in sink, then wash as usual. Other bar glasses good. Sanitizer concentration in dishwasher a little too high. Decrease to 50-100 ppm.

Re-inspection, Dec. 7, 2012: one violation, glass mugs. Paper towels on handwash station corrected, good. Changing station disposable pads are available, good. Glass mugs have excessive water stains. Glasses need to be hand-washed. Lipstick smudges on glass rim. This issue needs to be corrected or you will need to serve from plastic cups. Board of Health will reinspect in two weeks. Handwash all glasses prior to washing in dishwasher until next inspection.

Re-inspection, Jan. 4: No violations. Manager has had Eco Labs at facility on several occasions. Addressing the quantity of bar glasses and water stains, etc. Dishwasher is currently a low temperature unit. That will be changed back to a high-temperature machine by installing a booster heater. Also, machine is a manual drip dishwasher. A two-hour drip cycle will be established and a schedule will be kept for Board of Health review. Big improvement with corrective actions addressing water spots, etc.. should be even better with high-temperature machine.

Eva's Restaurant, 55 Water St., Dec. 7: one critical violation, involving the large cutting boards; mold on back of sink wall violation corrected; large cutting boards are a little better but still not sanitary for food service. Need to replace.

Re-inspection, Jan. 10: No violations. New cutting boards to replace old ones, good. Menus posted with allergy awareness, good.

No critical violations. Cutting boards need to be scraped or replaced. Menus need to be posted with allergy awareness. Overhead menus need awarenes posting.

No critical violations. Drain line on two-door refrigerator needs to be cleaned. Filters on ice machine need to be replaced.

Two Dansi refrigerators need thermometers. Temperature good on original unit. The other? Keep log on dishwasher temperature daily. Clean underside cover on deli refrigerator. Overall, very good inspection and sanitation standards.

Inspection conducted here indicates nine violations. These included the following: meats not covered properly in the walk-in cooler; ice scoop for the ice machine not in safe, sanitary manner; 10-burner stove top interior and exterior needs to be cleaned throughout, this is to include burner, back splash wall, and ovens; interior of left side steel utility draw where utensils are stored needs to be cleaned in order to provide a safe, sanitary method of utensil and equipment storage; the wooden shelving in the basement is to have the paper lining removed and the wood shelving cleaned and paper lining replaced (if desired); better care and maintenance of food and non-food items is needed on the metal storage rack; single-burner stove is also to be cleaned; interior and exterior of the microwave also needs cleaning; and ceiling tiles throughout this facility, from the dining area to the rear of the kitchen are to be changed due to damage, stains missing or soiled.

Re-inspected on Feb. 7 and all violations were corrected.

Four violations here, which included the following: one food product in a three-door prep cooler needs to be covered; surface area of wok station needs to be cleaned; and better care of storage area is needed.

One violation here. Need to store food service utensils so that handles face the user.

EMC, 32 Maple St., Feb. 11: Five violations here, which included the following: open container of food in the dry goods storage room, keep foods covered in the walk-in cooler, foods in cardboard boxes cannot be stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer, and store plastic utensils so that the handles are presented to the user.

One violation. Need to repair area under the sink. No other violations

Four violations here, including one critical violation. Missing one thermometer, food service utensils to be stored with the handle fcing the user. The critical violation corrected within the hour: by purchasing sanitizing tablets or chlorine bleach, was the need for a sanitizing agent for use in the three-bay sink.

Three violations here, which included the need to cover, tightly, the bags for flour and donut mixes; the automatic soap dispenser for the employee hand sink by the customer service area is not working.

An inspection here indicated four violations which included the following: foods in the walk-in unit need to be covered and food items cannot be stored on the floor; the automatic paper towel dispenser does not work. Re-inspection scheduled. 

Re-inspection, Feb. 22: All violations corrected.

One violation here. Some ceiling tiles in need of changing due to water stains and other damage.

Routine inspection here indicated three violations, including the need for additional visible thermometers in the walk-in units (corrected during inspection); and hair restraints are required for anyone working with food.

Milford Senior Man February 28, 2013 at 08:06 PM
As usual the Milford health department is keeping us safe by doing thorough inspections of these facilities and if a violation is found they go back later to reinspect to make sure the violation has been corrected. Good job Milford health.


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