Foxwoods is New Partner for Crossroads Casino

The Boston Globe reports that Foxwoods Resort has joined David Nunes as a full partner in his Crossroads Massachusetts resort casino application.

The application for a resort casino in Milford has taken on a new face: Foxwoods.

Foxwoods Resort Casino has joined on to the Crossroads Massachusetts application as a full partner, according to a report Sunday in The Boston Globe.

Scott Butera, chief executive of Foxwoods, told the Globe the Milford location would not compete with the resort in Ledyard, CT, and would be the best candidate for the metro Boston casino license.

The shift in partners comes as the application made by David Nunes is before the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for a Phase I review, which evaluates the finances of the applicants, and whether they have the appropriate integrity for the project. This will include a background investigation of key employees and investors, according to the state commission.

An overview of the applications released by the Gaming Commission on Jan. 15, the deadline date, named Warner Gaming as the sole partner for the Crossroads Massachusetts effort. The full application has not yet been released to the public.

Elaine Driscoll, a spokeswoman for the Gaming Commission, said Monday nothing prevents an applicant from adding a new partner, either for operating the gaming facility or for financing.

"Anybody that's newly identified still needs to go through the extensive background process," she said.

At this point, she said, several of the applicants are still in the process of identifying partners.

a group that is organizing opposition to the Milford location, shared the Boston Globe report among its followers Sunday. Ken Rockett, an organizer of the group, said he felt the involvement of Foxwoods would strengthen the casino application for Phase I.

"It's a known player," he said. And as best he could determine, Foxwoods "has deeper pockets. It only strengthens their application."

Crossroads Massachusetts is competing with two applications in the Boston metro area for the single license available in the Boston to Worcester region. The competitors are a plan by eight partners, including Ceasars Entertainment, to redevelop Suffolk Downs in East Boston, and another by Wynn Resorts to redevelop an industrial site in Everett.

MilfordMomof3 February 18, 2013 at 01:41 PM
It is difficult to take your point seriously with the awful grammar and punctuation. Anyway, have any of the town officials or police department stated if they feel traffic will be an issue? Or if they feel they can handle the casino fine with our resources(police, fire, water)?
Ed Bertorelli February 18, 2013 at 02:23 PM
One question that needs addressing is whether the casino would have access roads from rtes 16 or 85. Or would access be limited to a new exit on rte 495.
MCREMvonStauffenfritzpellmell February 18, 2013 at 02:27 PM
It is patently obvious that 1) the traffic congestion in Milford is already notorious, and 2) the traffic will increase with any large and successful business that depends upon a steady stream of non-resident clients. Anyone who has driven anywhere near Foxwoods any evening of the week can verify this. As for the other, equally valid questions--about Milford's already "stressed" water supply, about HOW, exactly, and with what GUARANTEES, Milford will benefit in terms of jobs, etc., etc.--we're still waiting. At this stage, there's nothing to be afraid of, but there's a LOT to wonder about, and if some of the bigger questions don't begin to receive attention from the local politicians and the "Crossroads" contingent, that will be a bad sign. I get tired of town politicians and businesses bulldozing their way through the rights of the residents, and as this issue will have a long term effect on OUR community, we'd better get some answers--in writing--and soon.
MilfordMomof3 February 18, 2013 at 03:01 PM
Exactly. All I am asking for is some information from the town officials.
Kelly Roney February 18, 2013 at 08:52 PM
Our Rep. Carolyn Dykema is <a href="http://www.boston.com/yourtown/2013/02/17/nunes-promises-meetings-milford-casino-proposal-promise-details-casino-partner-casino-proposal-details-offered-meetings-details-milford-casino-plan-promised/9Do2Hnwub3ecYYiC0TgTUJ/story.html">looking out for us</a>: <blockquote>State Representative Carolyn Dykema, a Holliston Democrat who represents Hopkinton, Southborough, and part of Westborough, was critical of the new partnership, and said the progression of the proposal with new financing and still no outreach to surrounding towns is a problem. “It seemed a bit sketchy before and it seems even more so now,” she said after the Foxwoods announcement. “We need to have a lot of questions answered, and this just raises more.”</blockquote>


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