Fire Lanes: Don't Park in Them

Fire lanes are designed for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, for emergencies. Convenient drop-off service for Christmas shopping is not an emergency.

It might seem obvious that shoppers shouldn't stop, or park, in a fire lane. Same goes for parking in a handicapped spot, if you aren't handicapped.

But it's happening more frequently, now that the retail stores are busier than ever, and people are out shopping for Christmas.

Milford Police are ticketing people more often for illegally stopping in fire lanes or in prohibited spaces. This would include parking in a handicapped space if you are not the placard-holder.

The fire lanes in front of, and behind, retail buildings, schools, supermarkets and other public spaces are designed for emergency vehicles. And the handicapped spots are for people who have a valid placard, and who are doing the shopping.

The following number of people were ticketed for parking offenses from June through November, according to the Milford parking clerk. (Note: The records reflect only those tickets that were forwarded to the state Registry of Motor Vehicles, after the citations were not paid. Paid citations would not be reflected in these numbers.)

78: Parking in prohibited zones or fire lanes

51: Parking in the wrong direction 

38: Parking on the sidewalk

fred December 03, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Everyone does it at tj max it's a safety issue for traffic, pedestrians and also obviously a fire hazard
david December 03, 2012 at 05:11 PM
everyone does it at Shaws also


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