Appeal Filed in Case of Roxy the Pitbull

Roxy, a pitbull who was ordered put down by Milford Selectmen this month, will have a reprieve until a court hearing.

The owner of a by Milford Selectmen has filed an appeal of the decision in

Owner Daniel Peniche, of West Walnut Street, and Rachelle O'Handley, a resident of Gorham, Maine, filed a petition for review of the decision Friday.

The hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m June 25 and is expected to be held before District Judge Robert Calagione.

The judge will review the June 5 decision of Milford Selectmen, who ordered the dog put down after came before the board in recent months.

The 2-0 vote followed a complaint hearing May 22, to consider the dog's fate after the owner violated a previous order of the selectmen to keep her muzzled when she is outside the house.

told police he was bitten in the hand when he reached down to separate his dog from Roxy.

Since the Milford Selectmen approved the order to "dispose of" the dog, Roxy has been in the custody of Milford Animal Control, but kept off-site because of her animal-agression issues.

Although the animal control records indicate Roxy had issues with other dogs for at least two years, the dog first came to the attention of Milford Selectmen in April, after In a hearing on that incident, a woman said Roxy bit her son's dog's ear on March 19, while she was walking it. At that time, Peniche was ordered to keep the dog muzzled while walking her, and to install a fence around the perimeter of his property to restrain her.

Two months later, the dog was involved in a second biting incident, involving the border collie.

Ray Fellows June 15, 2012 at 01:54 PM
These people need to file a lawsuit. If the owners cant or wont control their dog, make them pay for it. That goes for the next people this dog attacks. Pitbulls are not born vicious, they are taught to be that way, I feel bad that the dog has to pay for the actions of its owner.


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