Unlawful Driving

The Milford Police Department recently released eight years of data on arrests for unlawful operation of motor vehicles, including operating under the influence and unlicensed operation.

Milford police last year arrested 199 people for unlawful driving, including driving under the influence, according to statistics recently

The categories — operating under the influence, operating after revocation, operating after suspension and unlicensed operation — have accounted for at least 148 arrests a year since 2004.

In 2011: 34 people were arrested for OUI, 9 for operating after revocation, 28 for operating after suspension and 162 for unlicensed operation.

Unlicensed operation arrests increased slightly from 2010, when 158 people were charged with the offense. In 2009, 133 people were arrested for unlicensed driving.

In 2007, Milford arrested 198 people for driving without a license, a peak year for the offense.

While there was an increase last year in unlicensed operation arrests, O'Loughlin said, statistically, the increase was negligible.

The statistics compiled by O'Loughlin were released under a state public records request submitted by the parents of , a motorcyclist who was killed in 2011 after he was struck by a man charged with drunken, unlicensed driving.

UglyHat March 09, 2012 at 02:18 PM
I just charted what the Chief released. I was wishing I had the numbers and hoping someone else would do that hard work. Kind of a lazy numbers nerd I guess.
carl berke March 09, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Ugly hat is right on. I have a record of fighting this absurdity called "licensed driver" I have been in MA for almost 50 years. When I took the driving exam, only written when you exchange an out of state operator's license, I was astounded that there is almost nothing on the test pertaining to operation of a motor vehicle. The test is about proper paperwork as in insurance, taxes, inspections, titles etc. I had been here a few months and was noting that people in Milford and elsewhere in MA cannot properly operate a motor vehicle. After 50 years, the situation is even worse. It has nothing to do with licensing and everything to do with enforcement. It has nothing to do with origin and everything to do with enforcement. Chief, get on the actual driving! I can follow any police driver and have him virtually cited for several infractions within minutes.
Jim Rizoli March 09, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Honestly....there should be no licenses to have to drive period! Just another scam money making dept for the state. Actually the illegals have it right it's unconstitutional, not that they have to worry they are not even citizens. ..BUT......if we have to deal with this crap then so don't they. Another point.....the illegals use false id's to get licenses......I guess that is not an issue here. How about their driving habits? This is probably the first place the illegals have ever driven a car. So isn't is nice that they are having their drivers training on us. We are the guinea pigs! I feel so safe knowing that. The whole driving license thing is a joke, that isn't so funny when people are killed by drivers that don't know how to drive. If they can't read the signs, or speak English that well how do you feel about their driving? Jim@ccfiile.com
fed up March 15, 2012 at 12:28 AM
During an arrest for unlicensed operation, the police note the owner of the vehicle and request a summons for allowing an unlicensed person to operate their vehicle. If the registry would do a data sort by registered owner, the police department would probably find where the abuses are taking place in the system, as certain businesses and individuals would have much higher than normal registrations in their name. Easy to investigate whether the owners are aware of these numerous registrations and an alert could be issued for the vehicle registration plates to get the unlicensed drivers off the road. These numerous vehicles are probably uninsured, not paying excise taxes, in addition to unlicensed operators. One data sort and a clear path to making a dent in the problem. It's time to use technology and get these vehicles and drivers out of Milford, regardless of the nationality. Our town, by being pro-active, would get a better rating by the insurance division setting rates for vehicle insurance and property claims. We could start to get this town back to its better days. Make it so...
carl berke March 15, 2012 at 04:24 PM
While I agree with some of this and I agree that drivers are worse than before I would never, ever want things to be "back to the better days". In those passed days, Milfordians would stop in the middle of the busuiest road and talk out the window. Or they would run stop signs as if there was no one esle on theroad. My wife said it was because Milfordians were so insular that they did not need rules.Some still do this but at least one can drive by Town Park and not have to battle students fro the road. It is kind of like all of these high school grad parties. I told her that these parties were given by parents who were celebrating getting some one else out of the house. They still do that. Only it now doesn't work.


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