TELL US: Should Level 1 Sex Offender Information Be Public?

A Wakefield man and tutor who faces numerous child sex charges was a Level 1 sex offender.

On Thursday afternoon, news spread quickly through the region about the indictment of a Wakefield couple for numerous charges stemming from an illegal day care operation where graphic child sexual abuse occurred.

, which offered tutoring and day care.

Burbine was a level 1 sex offender, which means he had been convicted of a sex-related crime but was deemed least likely to re-offend.

Sex offenders are classified according to the degree of dangerousness they pose to the public and their likelihood to re-offend. A Level 1 offender has been classified as a “low risk.” A Level 2 offender has been classified as a “moderate risk.” A Level 3 offender has been classified as a “high risk.”

Once an offender is classified as a Level 2 or a Level 3 Offender, his/her sex offender registry information will be available to the public. Level 1 information is not public.

Does this case affect how you feel about the Sex Offender Registry? Would releasing more information about all levels of sex offenders prove helpful? Or, do you think level 1 offenders don't deserve to have their information made public? Tell us in the comments.

Tara Vera December 09, 2012 at 03:11 AM
See Tippy's comment below. The levels system is broken. A young man charged with statutory rape by the girls parents will live with that level one status even after he marries the young girl in question. My only point being that while I think it would be unfair to them inparticulate, I would be willing err on the side of overkill by publicly outing the small percentage who are victims of the system if it would save a child from this horror. But it is something that should be examined. The very idea that this man had access to those children is terrifying and why do people think these monsters can be redeemed?! I'm sad to say it, but I think that the video evidence should equal automatic execution. You have a video of a man raping an eight day old baby!? We do not need this person existing in this world.
Tara Vera December 09, 2012 at 03:13 AM
Please explain why he needs to pass blame? Why should he accept blame? I am curious why you say this.
Ed Bertorelli December 09, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Worried now ? Read the article in the liberal-liberal Boston Sunday Globe today about the failure of the Immigration and US Prison System to protect us from illegal aliens who commit felonies in the U S and how they are released back into the U S society rather than deported. Something is very wrong with this picture.
Ed Bertorelli December 09, 2012 at 12:21 PM
The entire legal system is broken and few people seem to care except those whose lives are tragically affected by these predators both citizen and non-citizen alike.
bernard johnson February 02, 2013 at 03:52 AM
everybody's talks about save the kids well what about the black and latino kids that are shot every day no word on that I know a guy who is a level 2 sex offender who lives next door to me who committed a rape over a decade ago now has a family works and has not committed any type of crime in years I also knoow a guy who I just happen to k ow who just came home from ja for shooting a kid and adult he has no remorse and probably is going to kill someone tell me who sbould I watch the guy who's changed his life or the one who will be on the news before the year end


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