Police Log: Disturbances, Unwanted Couch Sleeper

The following information was supplied by the Milford police department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Friday, Aug. 3

2:21 p.m.: Police repsonded to Vassar Drive, for a verbal argument between a husband and a wife. The woman said her husband had broken the ignition to her vehicle. Police gave her a ride to another house.

3:39 p.m.: A caller asked police to enforce the speeding limit on Camp Street, where he said vehicles travel at an unsafe rate of speed in the mornings and evenings.

4:14 p.m.: A caller reported an erratic vehicle on Purchase Street. The vehicle was driving very slowly, then speeding up, then almost came to a stop. Police pulled the car over. The woman said she was feeling dizzy. She was taken to

4:31 p.m.: A man on Grant Street said an individual named John "is sleeping on his couch" and will not leave. He is unwanted in the home. Police arrived to remove him, but the man had left.

5:48 p.m.: A caller on Emmons Street told police when he came home, items had been stolen from his home.

6:16 p.m.: A caller reported an erratic operator on Central at Depot streets. The driver was crossing double lines and "almost hit a telephone pole."

6:33 p.m.: Police responded to Emmons Street, where two men and a woman were yelling. An officer reported it was a "neighbor dispute" and everyone was all set.

7:40 p.m.: A caller reported a vehicle had struck a dog on South Main Street. An officer reported the dog was deceased.

7:43 p.m.: A woman told police she thought someone might be in her home on Union Street. She was alone with two young children. Police checked but everything was OK.

9:13 p.m.: A caller said a man in a white T-shirt was looking through vehicles at with a flashlight. Police could not locate the individual.

11:09 p.m.: A motorist reported a BMW was operating erratically on Sumner Street, near Fells Avenue. The car was swerving all over the roadway. Police could not locate the vehicle.

Saturday, Aug. 4

12:52 a.m.: A woman walked in to police headquarters and reported a Milford man had stolen her kitten from her Woonsocket, RI residence. Police referred the woman to Woonsocket Police.

2:21 a.m.: A disturbance was reported at on Medway Road. Police checked and everything was OK.

3:17 a.m.: A woman at told police her ex was going through her phone when she woke up, and then "stole her money and wedding ring and left the hotel room." Police arrested Adam Michael Phillips, 30, of 130 N. Main St., Uxbridge, on charges of domestic assault and battery and on a warrant.

3:39 a.m.: An ambulance responded to Comfort Inn, at the request of police, to treat the woman involved in the domestic incident. She was taken to Milford Regional Medical Center.

7:11 a.m.: A man walked in to police headquarters to report he had a friend stay over the previous night, and when he woke up that morning "he noticed stuff missing" from his safe.

9:48 a.m.: A caller near told police a man was walking toward town on Route 140, wearing only boxers. He was looking confused. Police responded and reported that the man is fine, just wearing regular shorts. He was waiting for a ride.

10:22 a.m.: Two people were reported to be arguing in the street on Highland Street.

11:51 a.m.: Police responded to , where the owner had confronted a customer about a stolen gaming card. Police arested a juvenile on a charge of larceny under $250.

1:19 p.m.: A woman walked in to police headquarters to report harassment.

1:36 p.m.: Police responded to BP on Prospect Street, where a "strange man" at the dry cleaner was reported to be taking clothing that wasn't his. An employee told officers everything was fine.

3:25 p.m.: Police responded to where the windows on a school bus were reported to be broken. An officer found one broken window.

4:34 p.m.: A woman called from Mt. Pleasant Street, very upset about motorcycles racing up and down the road and told a dispatcher that "SHE WANTS SOMETHING DONE." Police responded to speak to her.

4:40 p.m.: A caller from told police about parking violations in the area. Police found no violations, just "a lot of cars in the area."

4:59 p.m.: An officer responded to TD's Pub to advise parties to move their vehicles. The employee at Gene's was to call police if nothing had changed. Gene's called police a short time later to report "nothing has changed" since the officer responded.

5:00 p.m.: A caller reported a woman was lying down in the grass of the entrance to Milford Regional Medical Center, and was possibly intoxicated. Police found she had just been released from the hospital, and was waiting for a cab.

5:49 p.m.: Police received a report of an intoxicated person at West and Lee streets. A man was reported to be on the ground, the caller was "unsure what is wrong with him." Police took a 30-year-old man into protective custody.

6:56 p.m.: An ambulance responded to Hemlock Lane, where an 18-month-old boy had "swallowed a Lego." The incident was resolved without a trip to the hospital.

7:14 p.m.: A man reported a disturbance at that "he was involved in."

7:30 p.m.: A caller reported a large group of kids was loitering in a parking lot of

8:34 p.m.: A caller reported a man and a woman were arguing on Exchange Street. Police found it was a "loud cookout." They spoke to the parties involved.

8:41 p.m.: Firefighters extinguished a motor vehicle fire on West Street, involving an 1-ton dump truck.

10:10 p.m.: A caller reported that three men and two girls had "jumped" a party in Police checked the area but were unable to locate the individuals.

10:48 p.m.: A caller on Luby Avenue reported her tires were slashed.

11:20 p.m.: Police responded to , where a male guest was "causing a scene and yelling at staff." The caller said she did not feel safe with him in the hotel. Police spoke to the parties involved, and everything was worked out.

Sunday, Aug. 5

12:45 a.m.: A caller reported his daughter was home alone and "is hearing noises in the basement" on Union Street. Police checked and searched the house and everything was OK.

1:15 a.m.: A disturbance was reported by an officer at . Police arrested Ricardo L. Pau-Preto, 37, of 68 Highland St., Milford, on charges of indecent assault and battery on person age 14 or older and assault and battery on a police officer.

1:28 a.m.: A caller reported seeing a dark colored sedan, possibly a Toyota Corolla, drive by on Central and South Bow Street and someone inside "fired a BB gun out the window." No one was struck. The vehicle fled up Central Street. Police could not locate the vehicle.

2:11 a.m.: A Toyota Corolla was repossessed on Pheasant Circle.

2:34 a.m.: Loud music was reported to be coming from a house on Cherry Street.

3:21 a.m.: A caller reported seeing a man sitting in the road on Beach Street. The man told police he was getting picked up.

4:43 a.m.: A man walked in to police headquarters and reported a man was sitting in the middle of Oliver Street. Firefighters responded and took the man to Milford Regional Medical Center. He was intoxicated.

5:15 a.m.: An officer spoke to four males in the parking lot of the now-closed Taylor Nicole salon on East Main Street. The men had appeared to be fighting. After the officer spoke to them, they headed home.

Mary MacDonald August 06, 2012 at 06:41 PM
The police notes column is based on what is written in the log. Unless I pull something out for a separate story, I quote directly from the log and do not go beyond the log itself. I'm sorry if you are upset at the way this entry was written.
Proudmilfordresident August 06, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Why would you mention it's a MPD daughter?? Guess your the 1 with the mouth an don't know when to keep it shut. I hope your children never get into any trouble because someone might yell from the roof tops your the parent.
Tony August 06, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Oh my God, the people that love to throw the "Shame on you" thing around. Pathetic!
Proudmilfordresident August 06, 2012 at 08:43 PM
Myd Nevins August 06, 2012 at 09:18 PM
If he was assaulted, it technically could be said that he was involved...


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