Police: Annual Licensed Businesses Report

Milford Police Chief Thomas O'Loughlin compiled the following reports on licensed businesses for 2011.

Editor's Note: The following report on licensed businesses was distributed to Milford Selectmen in January. Where businesses are not mentioned, they did not have a police incident in 2011.

March 17: medical emergency. Caller reports male inside vehicle at this location is slumped over the steering wheel, unconscious but breathing. Transported to Milford Regional Medical Center.

Aug. 13: intoxicated person. Manager called to report that he is concerned about the well-being of an intoxicated person; stated that he is not causing a disturbance. Responding officers addessed the situation.

June 30: harassing phone calls. Caller reports that they are receiving harassing phone calls at the establishment. Officers investigating.

Nov. 8: warrant arrest. Officers received information that individual was working at this establishment under an alias. Officers arrested a 24-year-old male from Berlin, MA on four warrants.

Feb. 27: threats. Woman at police station indicating her ex-girlfriend threatened her when they met at Burger King to conduct a child custody swap. She was advised of her rights under Chapter 209A and said she would seek an order from the court the following morning.

June 6: disturbance. Employee reports a group of kids in the parking lot creating a disturbance. Group dispersed.

July 23: assault. Calling party states her husband was assaulted at this location and that she will file a report when they return from the hospital. Officers responded to the establishment and witnesses indicated that two males had engaged in a shoving match and then they were both ejected from the premises by security personnel.

Nov. 20: disturbance. Male party was denied service and kicked the glass door breaking the glass panel. Police arrested a 28-year-old from Milford and charged him with malicious destruction of property, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

July 8: domestic. Ten-year-old girl found walking in roadway. She reported that she was at Dairy Queen with her grandfather and two younger brothers and that her grandfather "beat them up." After investigation, the Department of Children and Families was notified and the children were returned to their mother.

Jan. 1: assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Victim reports that his cousin was in an argument with some unknown males and when he intervened he states he was struck in the head with a beer bottle. They could not provide a description of the suspects, there were no other witnesses and no camera in this area.

April 17: suspicious activity. Reporting party states that there is an individual who is screaming at the employees. Responding officers addressed the situation and removed the individual from the area.

April 24: complaint. Complainant states that an individual was creating a disturbance at this location. The subject was not present when police arrived.

Dec. 22: shoplifting. Manager reports that she has video of individuals shoplifting.

Feb. 16: suspicious activity. Caller reports that a young male pointed a gun at another male. Subject fled down bike path toward Fino Field where he was stoppped by responding officers. Gun was a pellet gun. Both males taken home and released to their parents.

March 5: youths disturbing. Caller reports that youths gathering at this location are causing a disturbance. Officers sent them on their way.

March 6: disturbance. Employee reports that a male who has blood coming from his mouth and is heavily intoxicated is attempting to climb through the drive-thru window. Subject taken to Milford Hospital.

May 6: noise complaint. Caller reports group of people in the parking lot being loud. Dispersed by responding officers.

June 30: Caller reports several vehicles have been at the rear of the building for some time. Officers checked and there were no vehicles.

Oct. 14: drug overdoes. Seventeen-year-old female from Milford entered bathroom facilities and overdosed on heroin. Under investigation by detectives.

March 18: vandalism. Officer on patrol observed that a vehicle parked at this location had been vandalized with crayons and toilet paper. The owner of the vehicle was notified.

July 12: disturbance. Employee reports that teenagers are causing a disturbance. Officers responded and addressed the matter.

Aug. 27: disturbance. Caller states there is a group of kids causing a disturbance. Responding officers dispersed the youth.

Jan. 15: suspicious person. Caller reports suspicious male. Officers responded and the individual checked out OK. He left the area.

March 17: suspicious activity. Officer on patrol observed two vehicles at this location. Checked and sent on their way.

March 13: larceny. Male left the premises without paying his bill and entered a vehicle. Vehicle plate number was provided to police. Vehicle registered to resident in North Attleboro. Milford Police notified North Attleboro police to have the vehicle owner contact Milford Police.

May 27: suspicious activity. Complainant states that a waitress took her son from a highchair without her permission and carried him to a fish tank to look at the fish. The manager was advised.

May 30: larceny. Employees report that customers left without paying their bill. Under investigation.

June 22: disturbance. Employee reports a male and a female arguing in front of the premises. Responding officers took the female into protective custody.

Oct. 29: theft. Manager reports that individuals who rented the hall the prior evening for a function stole liquor from the bar. The person who rented the hall was contacted by police and she will make restitution to the club.

Jan. 14: drug violation. Officer reorts that while at this establishment for a parking complaint he smelled marijuana at the bar area where five people were seated and the bartender was stationed.

May 5: erratic operator. Caller reports that female refused service of alcohol because she appeared intoxicated. She left the premises and entered her motor vehicle. Respondng officers stopped and arrested a 69-year-old female from Milford for OUI, failure to stop for police officers, failure to yield or stop.

Feb. 4: unattended child. Caller reports that two-year-old walked across Medway Road from McDonald's to Kmart and back. Child and adult got into a vehicle owned by a Holliston restaurant and proceeded in that direction. Holliston police notified.

July 3: disturbance. Officers responded to a reported disturbance, however, the involved parties had left the premises. Officers went to the LaQuinta Inn and warned the three males concerning their conduct.

Nov. 15: suspicious activity. Caller reports male, approximately 50 years of age, watching pornography. Officers interviewed a 61-year-old male from Holliston and he then left the premises.

Dec. 24: disturbance. Manager reports that individual is being rude and refuses to remove his vehicle from the drive-thru.

July 3: fireworks. Caller reports that male is shooting off fireworks from his vehicle. Officers seized the fireworks from a 48-year-old resident of Milford.

July 7: well-being check. Caller reports her boyfriend made threats to harm himself and her. Subject located and taken to the Milford hospital for evaluation.

Aug. 19: fight. Officer on patrol reports a fight at this location. Peace was restored by responding officers.

Nov. 1: assault. Caller reports two males assaulted another male and fled in a vehicle toward Hopedale. Subjects were stopped by police and a 20-year-old male from Franklin will be summonsed to court for assault and battery.

Nov. 10: suspicious activity. Caller reports youths drinking alcohol in parking area. Youths dispersed.

Nov. 18: dispute. Caller reports that individual in red sedan is arguing over money. Matter was resolved.

Dec. 10: motor vehicles in lot. Employee reports young people in vehicles in parking lot. Officers responded, conducted field sobriety checks and dispersed group.

Dec. 18: employee reports that male in vehicle is causing a disturbance.

March 18: noise complaint. Caller reports that patrons in front of establishment are being louder than usual, she doesn't believe there is a fight, she hears yelling. Officers asked them to quiet down and go inside.

April 30: fight. Caller states five people fighting. Officers arrived, establishment closing, could not determine if there was an issue.

May 7: intoxicated person. Caller reports that a male whom he described is intoxicated. The individual was not at the establishment when officers arrived, within four minutes.

June 23: noise complaint. Caller states that she heard a verbal argument and then popping noises. She was unsure if they were gunshots or not. Responding officers checked the establishment, the area and the municipal lot and nothing was found.

March 12: unattended child. Caller reports child left unattended in vehicle. Responding officers addressed the situation and filed a 51A (Neglect/abuse report) with the Department of Children and Families.

Feb. 27: fight. Employee reports that individual is fighting in the bar area. State Police dispatch reports that cell phone caller says male has a laceration on his head. Suspect was involved in an argument earlier at the Portuguese Club. Owner met with detectives to assist in bringing charges against a Milford male for assault and battery and damage to property.

Dec. 17: vandalism. Caller reports that some unknown person scratched and dented his vehicle.

Jan. 8: disturbance. Officer on patrol observed a disturbance and dispersed the involved parties.

May 7: assault. Complainant states that he was assaulted the prior evening by PinZ staff. Police investigation revealed that the complainant assaulted the employees at PinZ and that one of the employees defended himself as he was about to be struck in the face.

May 22: suspicious person. Caller reports intoxicated male trying to enter the premises. Responding officers arrested a 22-year-old male from Holliston for larceny, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

May 28: disorderly arrest. Eighteen-year-old male from Milford arrested by officer for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

July 5: domestic. Caller reports that his ex-girlfriend is vandalizing his vehicle.

Aug. 5: domestic. Caller reports that last evening her ex-husband violated a 209A order by not vacating the premises when he realized she was there. She states that she observed him kick her vehicle as he was leaving and that she believes he stole her purse. Officers investigating.

Oct. 6: fight. Caller reports disturbance in the parking lot. A 24-year-old male was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Nov. 7: fight. Caller reports a fight at this location. Upon arrival police learned that the individuals were in the parking area and have left.

Nov. 18: disturbance. Caller reports that two males and a female are arguing in the lower lot.

Feb. 26: fight. Manager reports subjects fighting inside the building. Responding officers determined that there was a verbal argument and no physical violence. They were removed from the establishment and sent on their way.

May 28: arrest by detail officer. Officer working a detail arrested a 21-year-old Milford resident in teh parking lot for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

July 16: protective custody. Officer on detail at the Portuguese Picnic took a 20-year-old male from Milford into protective custody when he arrived at the event intoxicated.

Aug. 20: fight. State Police dispatch reports a call indicating a fight in the parking lot of this establishment. A 27-year-old male from Milford was arrested for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace and another 27-year-old male from Milford was initially taken into protective custody and then was charged with disorderly conduct.

March 10: intoxicated person. Caller reports intoxicated male driver of vehicle and provided license plate number. Officers stopped the vehicle and it was being operated by a female who was not intoxicated.

April 9: suspicious activity. Caller reports minor with alcohol. Responding officers checked the individuals indentification and he is 21 years of age.

April 22: intoxicated person. Caller reports that an intoxicated male is at this establishment with his son. Officers checked the establishment and these individuals were not present.

June 21: disturbance. Owner reports that he has a customer who is acting up and that he needs police assistance to remove this individual from the premises. Officers responded and customer was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Dec. 25: fight. Caller reports two men fighting in the parking area. The subjects left the area before police arrived. Another individual reported damage to his vehicle caused by two males fighting. Group dispersed.

Jan. 15: assault. Twenty-one year-old male from Milford at Milford Police headquarters stating that he was assaulted at this establishment early in the evening by his ex-roomate, a 21-year-old from Milford. He states that when he entered Scioli's at 12:30 a.m. he was punched in the face, knocked to the ground, whereupon he was punched several more times until employees of the establishment intervened. He was brought to the kitchen area to clean off blood and then went to the Milford hospital for treatment of facial fractures, a fractured nose and swelling and bruising to his nose, cheeks and right eye.

Jan. 22: assist citizen. Caller, an intoxicated female who is disoriented and hysterical, states that her friends left her at the bar. Officers transported to her home.

March 12: fight. State Police dispatcher reports 911 call from a fight between a male and female inside of the premises. Three Milford police officers responded.

May 7: assault. Complainant states that he was assaulted by staff at this location the evening prior. Investigation revealed that as the establishment was closing an argument developed between three females where the complainant was seated. The complainant claimed that one of the security personnel was holding him while another was punching him in the head. The employees claim that when security personnel stepped in to quell the argument between the two females the complainant spat in the face of one of the security personnel after arguing that he should let the females fight. The security personnel said the complainant then began to assault the security person adn the security person defended himself. The security person said that the complainant left the area only to return and apologize to the security person, while asking if he could retrieve his hat. He was allowed to enter the premises to do so.

May 28: drug complaint. Caller states that a male is in the bathroom using drugs. Police officer on-site indicated that no one matching that description is present. Caller disgruntled because he was denied admittance. Officers investigating charges for making a false 911 call.

Aug. 26: disturbance. Caller states there is a large group of people in front of the premises. Responding officers found no issues.

Aug. 27: dispute. Calling party states that a female punched her boyfriend's car. Officers responded and she had left the area.

Aug. 27: disturbing the peace. A 22-year-old female from Whitinsville, who was involved in the previous call was located by officers and placed under arrest for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

Sept. 18: threats. A 36-year-old male from Hopedale came to the Milford Police department and reported that an unknown male had threatened him while at this establishment.

Oct. 8: larceny. Reporting party at Milford police station to report his cell phone was stolen the prior evening at this establishment.

Nov. 5: vandalism. Caller reports that someone slashed his tires.

Nov. 7. disturbance. Caller reports that a female is acting crazy inside the bar. Officer spoke with employees and they indicated that the woman is not causing a disturbance, and that they will call the police if the need arises.

Nov. 26. larceny. Woman came to the police station to report that her purse was stolen at this establishment the prior evening. Scioli's staff reported that nothing was on their video surveillance.

Sept. 8: fight. Caller reports five to six males fighting. Responding officers arrested a 22-year-old male from Milford for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Jan. 31: fraud, attempted larceny. Employee reports that male attempted to pay bill with someone else's credit card. Subject fled but is known to police.

Oct. 26: protective custody. Manager reports that male customer is making rude remarks to other customers and creating a disturbance. A 63-year-old male from Selma, Indiana was taken into protective custody.

Jan. 12: disturbance. Caller states that her mother and sister are fighting in the parking area. The daughter is intoxicated and is attempting to drive and the mother is attempting to stop her. Responding officers persuaded the daughter to take a ride from her mother.

Jan. 1: fight. Fire Department reports a fight in front of this establishment, involving five to 10 individuals. Upon arrival, officer states the involved individuals left the ara.

Nov. 19: assault and battery with dangerous weapon. Emplyee reports that he declined entry to the establishment by a male because he appeared to be intoxicated. The male then struck an employee in the head with a beer bottle. This matter is under investigation.

Dec. 7: disturbance. Officers clearing crowd from in front of restaurant.

March 13: erratic operator. Caller reports erratic operation of vehicle and provided license plate. Vehicle was gone when police arrived.

May 30: suspicious activity. Caller reports that a male wrote down her license plate number and then placed a card on her windshield with his name and number. Officers spoke with both parties, no criminal offense occurred.

Dec. 3: disturbance. Caller reports man causing disturbance. She was gone when police arrived, however, he returned and was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol.

Dec. 24: protective custody. Manager reported a suspicious vehicle. Officers placed a 33-year-old male from Hopkinton into protective custody.

Tracy January 19, 2012 at 05:12 PM
so it looks like Scioli's is in the lead for police complaints - just like their other establishment in Milford that was closed down..
Mary MacDonald January 19, 2012 at 08:00 PM
I guess I should have clarified this in the story: these are restaurants and bars and places that serve food. I am not sure the exact name of the license that the police compile reports around. Not all of them serve alcohol, so that's not it.


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