UPDATED: Person Freed from Elevator

Milford Fire Department personnel on Sunday morning freed a person stuck in an elevator at the Whitcomb House.

UPDATED: The person in this situation was freed from the elevator later Sunday morning.


Rescue workers in Milford were trying to get a person out of a stuck elevator, at Whitcomb House, an assisted living facility that lost power in the early stages of the storm.

The person was not identified, but was not injured. The elevator company is also en route, said Milford Fire Chief John Touhey.

Power outages are now being reported around the Milford area, as bands of tropical force winds begin to arrive, signaling the arrival of Irene. Trees have fallen, limbs are blowing down and debris is scattering the roads.

People should stay off the roads and stay inside, where they are safe, said Touhey. "They should stay home," he said. "Travel is hazardous."

The storm, Touhey said, is still south of New England. Strong wind gusts, which began arriving two hours ago, will continue throughout the day.

"They'll be sustained at this for a number of hours," Touhey said. "Conditions aren't going to improve until probably tonight."


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