Milford Firefighters Fighting 1-acre Brush Fire

Milford firefighters, assisted by two area towns, are extinguishing a one-acre fire in the woods above Cedar Street Thursday. It is the second significant brush fire this week.

Milford firefighters once again are fighting a brush fire in difficult terrain, this one about a quarter-mile into the woods, above Cedar Street.

The fire, reported about 2:30 p.m., was largely distinguished within 30 minutes. But firefighters are continuing to douse hot spots, and soak the ground to help curb flare-ups.

Earlier Thursday, firefighters had to r extinguished Tuesday, when portions of it flared up again. The department has responded to three brush fires this month,

The problem is a lack of rainfall and snow melt, which have made the leaf debris in the woods tinder-dry. The fires are extinguished at ground-level, but sometimes rear back to life in spots because they are underground, firefighters said.

The terrain in Thursday's fire is uneven, but is accessible through an access road to fire trucks. The area is south of Cedar Street, to the east of the power lines.

"Relatively speaking, this is easier access," said Lt. Mark Nelson. "It's not great terrain."

Firefighters for were called out for the brush fire Thursday, and are being assisted by firefighters from Hopkinton and Bellingham.


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