IMAGE GALLERY: Firefighters Memorial Sunday

Milford firefighters and their families gathered Sunday morning to observe Firefighters Memorial Sunday, to remember firefighters who have died.

Milford firefighters held a brief ceremony Sunday, noting several of the lives lost in the profession this year in Massachusetts, and taking stock of their own practices to keep themselves safe.

drew several political figures, including state Sen. Richard Moore, as well as about two dozen family members.

In his address, Brian Murray, chairman of the Milford Board of Selectmen, said firefighters and their families know all too well what might happen in the course of a work day, but go to work anyway.
"I don't know that many of the Sept. 11 firefighers, when they went off to work and kissed their families goodbye, expected it would be the last time," he said. "[Now,] that has to be in the minds of every firefighter and their family."

Mark Cain June 04, 2012 at 12:30 PM
We owe it to these men who risk their lives to make sure that overcrowding does not exist so that when they are battling a smoke filled apartment they are not tripping over mattresses and debris strewed around by the illegal tenants.


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