Santa Claus Came to Town

This week on Patch, we welcomed Santa, and kicked off some contests.

As you probably know, we at Milford Patch love to use social media to complement our work and activity on this page. We have vibrant Twitter and Facebook pages; they're two tools that help us interact with and engage you, our readers.

Social Media Saturday is a weekly feature where Milford Patch will highlight some of what people shared on Facebook and other media in the past week.

We'll also point you to some new and interesting pages you may not have known about before.

Highlights of the Week

Milford Patch has 1,411 fans on Facebook. We also have 357 followers on Twitter. If you're a Milford resident with a Twitter account, look us up; we're @MilfordMAPatch.

Here are some highlights of what took place this week:

  • We profiled the that allows police to use car-mounted cameras to scan license plates automatically. The computer can analyze 3,600 license plates per minute and helps to identify vehicles that have revoked registrations, or are connected to a reported crime. This technology was met by our Facebook friends with mixed reactions. “Guilty until proven innocent...” worried one of our readers. Others responded: “It shouldn’t be disturbing if you’re legally driving, you’re insured and have no warrants… it makes us all safer from those who don’t have the right to drive.”
  • We ran a stories and of Sunday’s this week. The good weather encouraged 25,000 spectators to turn out to see a parade that was twice as long as average. We were there, too, and it was a great time!
  • We at Patch always enjoy feedback and interaction with our readers, but this week, we really need it! We are running a few contests here, and we need nominations. If you know of a , a or a stellar , let us know, because we want to recognize them. Submit your nominations to mary.macdonald@patch.com. We’re looking for photos of your , and your beautiful . And we’re always looking for nominees for our , Athlete of the Week and Top Hawk, too.

Social Media Page of the Week

We'd like to give some recognition this week to the Facebook page of Milford Regional Medical Center. We’ve mentioned the hospital a lately, specifically the and the . Get to know them better on their Facebook page, where they post photos of events and information about some of their employees. They have 659 fans, and an active wall.

Your Town on Facebook

For more Facebook pages Milford residents might find interesting, check out our list of "liked" pages on Milford Patch Facebook. And don’t forget to follow us at www.facebook.com/MilfordPatch.


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