Oh My: Traffic Cones Not Free, Kids' Party Not Loud

We report the more unusual police news from MetroWest-area police logs.

Copper piping is out, traffic cones are in.

The first call was about a group of young girls getting out of a minivan and grabbing the cones; the caller got their license plate and police contacted the girls, arranging for them to return the cones. Police responded to as second call after a witness saw another woman taking cones; the woman told police she thought the public could take them. She was advised she was not correct. 

Turn down that Hokey Pokey!

That's not an unusual call for Milford Police, or any department, for that matter. What set this one apart was that it was 3:45 in the afternoon. And it was a children's party. And police determined that it was, in fact, not too loud.

Check your car seats before calling the cops.

When she walked back to her car, she found the license between the seats.


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