If Not Among the 1 Percent, then What Percent? [Poll]

The Occupy Wall Street movement brought attention to the "really, really haves," that is, the people whose salaries place them among the top 1 percent of Americans. Where are the rest of us?

This may be among the most depressing "where are you" moments, but it's helpful to know where you stand.

With all the talk of the "1 percent," and the "99 percent," one has to wonder: What am I? What is my percent?

Am I among the top earners in the country? The much-criticized 1 percent? Or am I among the lowest percentiles?

The New York Times analyzed income data for each region of the country to provide readers with a snapshot of their percentage. Are you among the top 25 percent in Boston? Are you among the bottom 50 percent?

Enter your salary and see where you stand, then let us know (anonymously) what range you fall into.

Jim Rizoli January 17, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Is there one that says....Bottom of the ocean? Jim@ccfiile.com


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