Creating Caring Relationships in our Community

In a letter to the editor, Amy Leone discusses the importance of community.

Editor's Note: The following letter was submitted by Amy Leone, of the JAG Youth Council.

What is support? Over the years of doing community work and individual therapy it has made me realize that young people need to experience the presence, care, help and love of their families and many others. They need organizations such as the , local sport teams, Community Use, and the , and our schools that provide positive, nurturing environments.

In my experience support is important for everyone, young or older. Everyone likes knowing who will be there for them and whom they can count on. We enjoy the company of those who make us laugh, who make us think, and who help us sort through tough issues. Recently a friend posted this status “Support is not only the glue that holds people together but also the glue that keeps us together on the inside” and it applied so much to what the JAG is doing focusing on the Developmental Asset — Support.

We all live in a hectic society with so many demands, that we sometimes forget the importance of noticing and connecting with one another. The result of this is that too many adults and young people feel isolated and alone.

This year the Juvenile Advocacy Group (JAG) is building community awareness around the 40 Developmental Assets which includes six support assets that have a great impact on the way young people grow up. Most people understand the important roles that families have in supporting young people; however some overlook the positive power of friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, volunteers, grandparents, bus drivers, baby-sitters, aunts and uncles, and other people who are part of children and teenagers’ lives.

This month take the time to make simple actions and gestures to help create an atmosphere of support within our community. Together we can make a difference creating caring relationships.

We would love to hear how you made a difference with your simple actions and gestures feel free to email Amy Leone at communityimpactinc@gmail.com so we can share your stories.


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