The Coupon King of Beacon Hill: Scott Brown's Masquerade Must End

Halloween is over, but Scott Brown has plenty of candy left for Wall Street.

Yesterday, Massachusetts residents donned costumes and partook in Halloween festivities. Among them, Scott Brown. His costume? It was the same one he wears everyday, that of United States senator.

In reality, behind the cynical façade, Brown is nothing more than a powerful employee of the Wall Street elite. It was Brown, after all, who held financial reform hostage in 2010 until it could be sufficiently weakened to Wall Street’s liking. It was Brown who filibustered the Buffet Rule and the Back to Work Act, and who fought against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Thankfully, through Elizabeth Warren’s vision, hard work, and perseverance the protection bureau was successfully established. The bureau stands with working families, forcing financial companies to play by the rules and holding them accountable when they do not.

As should come as no surprise, Wall Street does not like Warren. Her campaign for U.S. Senate has the billionaire boys club concerned someone might actually, you know, hold them accountable for things like destroying the economy.

Brown is the guy they’re counting on to stop her. They’re banking on 6 more years of Brown handing out the legislative candy as if everyday was Halloween on Wall Street. And Brown, as it turns out, is quite adept at handing out the goodies.

During his tenure within the Mass. State Legislature Brown wasn’t known for much save his one big issue: the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets, located in his district. Once a year he loaded up on outlet coupon books (maybe he even used that famous photo-op truck) and brought them to the State House. Staffers scrambled to get their hands on the coupons and his office actually had activity for a few days. Then Brown would go back to doing nothing.

While Warren fought to protect all Americans from being screwed by banks and credit card companies, Brown’s contribution to consumer protection was helping a few staffers get half off a pair of jeans. He was the Coupon King of Beacon Hill.

And then Brown dressed up as someone who cares about Massachusetts, went to Wall Street, and handed out a different kind of coupon. These new coupons entitled Wall Street to a discount…on Scott Brown. Wall Street bought Scott Brown. Wall Street owns Scott Brown. And they got him at a great price; half off an empty suit.

Next week, let’s send Scott Brown this message: since he wants to work for Wall Street he needs to take off the costume, move to Manhattan, and get a job in one of the financial firm’s trading floors, or better yet, PR offices. No longer may he do Wall Street’s bidding from his position as U.S. Senator for the state of Massachusetts. We must end his masquerade.

Elizabeth Warren will fight for working families. She will take a stand against the reckless Wall Street elite. And she won’t need a costume to do it.


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